• He was irrestibly drawn to the cookies. Lying on the white plastic plate, the cookies were squat and dry. A cooking misfit.
    His fiance was trying to make cookies for the tea today. Yet, each effort did not yeiled the perfect and huge cookies shown in the picture on the recipe. She has cried,"Oh come on! In the picture the cookie crumbs are just so, and the cookies look moist and delish. So why won't it work for me?!"
    He reached down and took a round cookie. I guess they aren't supposed to be in a ball shape. But they are just so delishous. And they were. For all of their uglieness, the cookies were tasty. Super tasty. SUPERBLY tasty. Oh, how he loved the choco-chunk almond cookies!
    He bit into the cookie.
    Chocolate, almonds, wheat flour, oat flour, normal flour and brown rice syrup blended into a perfect blend of oh-so-delishioso and low-fat cookies. The cookies from heaven. He could almost hear the angelic music playing. Aaaaaaaaaaah. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, ooooooooooooooooooooh!
    As he reached for his eighth, one thought coursed through his head;

    Curse these irresistable cookies!!!