• Well for some odd reason, my family had a appartment and a house. so we were in the appartment and it cought on fire. everyone disaperd and i was standing there. i walked out calmly and the next thing i knew i was in my living room but it was larger then the norm, and we were haveing a party. I had this panicky felling that someone fergot to call 911. during the middle of the party i wint outside and walked the neberhood cuz everyone was drunk and sumone was hittin on me -.- . I walked around and looked up and the sky was SO clear. There was thousands and thousands of stars!!! when i was done lookin i walked to my friends house rellllly fast like. when i got there she was havin a party to! then i somehow was in someden and i aasked my dad if he called 911 and he said "no, i thought u did" then blew on one of those things that look like that oldfashend smoke thing but it blew out bubbles. then i was out on my lawn. i tryed to dile 911 but i coudent get it right for the first 15 times. when it worked the lady was like "Hello?" and i replyed "hello" "now vennessa honey, continu telling me about what your daddy did to you." "What?no! Im *my name goz here XP i dint like peeps knowing my real name*! and my apparntment is burning down! i thought that someone called but no one did!!" "4367 elms street, got it. Dont worry! we will put out the fire." and she hong up. i looked up and then there was a red flaim glow from my room and i heard screaming. but insted of runnin for my life, eventhough i felt like i was gonna ride this relly scarry rolercoster ride, i flong open my window and i looked for the sorse of the flaim. it was in my water bottle next to my bed. i grabed the red hod plastic bottle and dumped the water in it outside, hopeing that it dint catch on fire. then i woke up.

    wasent one of my weardest dreams but it was weard.