• Gossip in the Kingdom?

    That’s right! We have all been curious as to what has been going on with our great monarch, the Red Queen. It become noticeable recently that the Queen had been relatively mellow concerning punishment, until what is now being called the ‘Alice Incident’ that is. The whole of Wonderland has been stumped and wondered, ‘why?’

    Well, we have it! The Red Queen has apparently been in a long term relationship with the Caterpillar, and it has only recently come to our attention. When interviewed, the Cheshire Cat, a close friend of the Queen, said, “Yes, they have been together for quite some time now. How such a relationship works, no one would really understand. The Queen and the Caterpillar are complete opposites, nothing in common. While she is sadistic, he is unmoved. She is emotional, he is collected. She is constantly busy, he does nothing but smoke that blasted hookah all day. But as different as they seem, it is opposites that attract. One falls for the one who has what they don’t.”

    “Why does one fall for someone who has what they don’t have?” this reporter asked, more than a little confused at the Cat’s logic.

    “Why, because they don’t like them for having what they don’t” The Cat replied, sounding as if the answer were obvious and this reporter left the conversation at that.

    Unfortunately, the Red Queen was too busy for an interview, but we did manage to catch one with the Mad Hatter, who during the ‘Alice Incident’ had a long heart-to-heart with the Caterpillar concerning love. “On...that day the Caterpillar told me that when the Queen has one of her famous emotional moments or temper tantrums, he simply hands her chocolate and they cuddle. According to him, a good cuddle works wonders.” Said the Hatter.

    When asked what he thought of the unusual couple, he replied, “What do I think? Well…I would have to say that it is no one’s business. One loves who they love and it can’t be helped. I will have to make sure to bake a nice strawberry cheesecake and make some very sweet white tea for her Majesty to celebrate the couple’s ‘coming out’.”

    With a party like this in the works, we can anticipate a large celebration for the royal couple. Among the guests, we can anticipate such notable figures as the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter as well as the Tweedle brothers and the Grand Aces to be in attendance. Don’t miss out on the best party of the year!