• Once upon a time there were 4 friends, friends that loved adventures.
    One day these four friends went to a mall and were just looking around at different stores, they walked in to a store called Bebio wits, it was fill with old antics and rare shiny things.
    The owner walk out from the back of the store and greeted them with a rather large smile on his face.
    The friends asked him if the items in the store were real, the man was shocked they would ask that so he showed them just how real the items were. The Man grabbed a silver plated heart and took the friends into the back room. The strange old smelly man opened a book and read these very words "hockshem vockin leahem" the lights started to flicker and the friends were frightened, the air started to smell like fresh water and fruits, the next thing they know they are standing in a magical land of Good and Evil. ninja
    The friends jumped with joy as they were lying beside a golden apple, "THE APPLE OF LIFE"
    They each took a bite just to find out that the apple wasn't The Apple of life, that it was just a fake one. So they set on with there mission to Find "THE APPLE OF LIFE", but what they don't know is that the apple of life is guarded by Hug scary Dark mean monsters that love to taste of blood.
    The friends were walking a came upon 4 bronze chests and each chest needed a key, the girls were wearing necklaces at the time that match the chest so the unlock the chest to find Shiny New Angelic armor in it, the armor equipped of Blue Gold platelegs, The dagger of LOVE, The arrow of Kyshy, and the Golden platebody of Glory. The 4 friends continued in there journey to find the "APPLE OF LIFE”, they hear a Loud Deep RAWR!!! In the distance the go to find out what it is. They went to only find an evil Ogre The 4 fought the Ogre bravely but one of the mighty 4 warriors was killed by the ogre leaving only 3. (3 days Later) the 3 friends stumble upon THE APPLE OF LIFE, they are in great fear only to see that 2 giants 3 miniatures guard it and 1 mouse. The 3 fight the miniatures first and kill them but they were hurt pretty bad while fighting them now onto the giants. The fought as hard as they could kill one of the giants but the other giant had kill 2 of the friends leaving only 1 friend left. She fought with all that was in her and slayed the giant of gamora. She crushes the mouse with her boot and proceeds to THE APPLE OF LIFE. She gets the apple of life eats it and rules the world for 10 long years, but what is that noise in the distance a quit beep... beep... beep. Beep as she awakes from he sleep to find that it was all only a dream...
    The End. wahmbulance