• Martin was so nervous, his heart was hot. It literally felt as if he just drank a gallon of hot water. Jessica was just as nervous, breathing in and out like she was having an asthma attack. Still, their bodies pushed on. when Jessica saw Martin coming her way, she jumped, as did Martin, but they continued onward. It was soon that the two of them were face to face, sweating beads.
    "Hi." They said in unison. Jennifer screamed and little and Martin yelped. Jennifer, in fear opened a locker, which should have been locked in front of them. And suddenly Martin was engulfed by something fierce, that he hit the ground. He woke up with people crowded him, Jessica right next to him. He was awake now, and she was terrified. She backed up against the lockers again. Martin felt tottally normal, his heart cool and calm.
    "Jennifer, it's okay, come closer." She drew closer to him, slow and terrified.
    "Jennifer, will you go out with me?" Martin asked. and Jessica did not scream or faint or anything. Her heart cooled, and she accepted calmly. See, the two of them were infested with a parisite called, rejection probability, and the only cure for this virus is notice, the realization that they liked each other, Martin caught it from Jessica's nervousness, and transfered it through calm. Love at first sight is most likely a myth for the story tellers, but Notice and rejection are very real, few people are immune to either but no one is immune to true love.