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    "What will we call her?" said a... voice. My eyes were closed and I could feel something bony yet soft in my arms. Flesh. Was I.... was someone touching me? I didn't know. My eye lids felt too heavy to open.
    "...We'll call her 'Ai'" said another voice. This one was gruff and stern, like they had made up their mind and I had no choice at all. Which, of course, was correct.
    "Ai? Ai, can you hear me?" said the first voice.
    "Yes...." I said, something vibrating my in throat. The sound startled me and I let go of whatever was touching me. I opened my eyes, dispite the heaviness.
    The thing I was touching, was actually two things. They were some sort of pail color and pretty long.
    "Legs." said the gruff voice. I must have been staring so I quickly looked up and saw two beings that the voices must have belonged to.
    "Kaa-san... Odou-san..." I said faintly. (mother and father in Japanese)
    "Yes, Ai. We're Kaa-san and Odou-san." Odou-san said. I blinked and tried to walk over to them, but a large, smooth, see-through object was in my way.
    "..." I was slightly angered by this, but soon, a bright flash of light came and enveloped it, making the obsticul (sp?) obsolete. burning_eyes
    "I was right!" Kaa-san exclaimed as I walked twords them, and then past them.
    "You programmed me to be able to fend for myself... So I'll be going now..." I wispered as I passed them.
    "Wait! Ai! We only programmed that to kick in when your twenty!!! Come back!" Kaa-san cried.
    "My senses say other wise." I replied, not turning around and walking away from the devestated (sp?) couple.
    "I'll be back..." I said, my, long, black hair swaying as I turned my neck, slightly, my bright blue eyes boring into my mother and father.
    "But You're just a little android..." Kaa-san sobbed.

    Tears slipped down my cheeks as I remembered the past. Kaa-san and Odou-san had been dead for a long time now, and I was with two friends of mine.
    Cloud Strife and Zack Fair.
    "Eh?! Ai! why are you crying!?" Zack exclaimed.
    "No reason..." I smiled, sadly.
    "....." Cloud didn't say anything as we kept walking.

    "Zack? When can I have my mana back?" I asked him. (Mana: kind of like chii or chakura, but mana helps you mantain magical powers instead of elements and the spirit.)
    "Never, Ai. I told you. We're ganna make you into a SOLDIER." he smirked. I punched him.

    "I'll never fit in..."