• An unclean paradise. breathing, with a conjunction of passion, and fruit. The simple fate of death and live are no different than the air we breath in rl, and our dreams.but how can a difficult mind, tell the difference between such a task as real life, and dreams.when in reality, even the minds, of those that are stable, confuse the road way to that answer.growing, believing there is something more, each day to awake, is a blessing beyond the heart.
    Tell me what does the ocean think. how does the ocean feel.
    What is real life, and what is a dream.
    We see the simple measures of a destine look upon the face of the ocean.
    We normally assume, it is beautiful. assume it is well..
    We must think of what it thinks. and not what we feel.
    The oceans ice, is real, the ocean's ice is a dream.
    within time of figuring out how the ocean thinks, and identifying it's feelings.
    the ocean has already poked through your difficult mind. sawt the truth.
    that you are real life, and you are a dream.
    watch the ocean close, from now on, listen to the beat of it's heart.
    believe in real life. believe in dreams
    as you watch the normal ocean, i watch the Ocean's Ice.