• Carlie Door: The black City
    Written by Jessica Miller

    As the truck turned onto a narrow dirt path, I sighed and stared at the trees that we passed. This was dad and my fourth move so far this year. It seemed as soon as I had got used to a place, we’d be packing and heading somewhere new. Even though my dad had said this would be our last move, I still doubted that to be true. Once we had pulled into the driveway of our house, I kicked aside the food wrappers on the floor, grabbed my backpack, and began making my way to the house. It was a pretty house, small, but still so perfect for a family of two. Ever since my mom passed away, My dad has been trying to keep me happy, so I figure the least I can do is fake a smile every once In a while. As I began carrying boxes up to the house, it began to softly rain. It felt so good to have those soft, wet drops hit my face. It was a relaxing, refreshing feeling after five hours of travel.
    I began putting our items in spots, which would now be called their own. That night I lay awake on the couch, staring at the ceiling. I grabbed my notepad, and my sketch pencils and began creating art. I adored drawing at night. The dark beauty of the evening was great inspiration for a masterpiece. I began sketching a path lined with the bare trees of winter. A frozen lake peering out from underneath a bridge, and snow piled up against the sides of the stone path. The next morning I slipped on my deep purple hooded sweater, my faded jeans. I combed my hair, grabbed my backpack, and headed out the door. Once I arrived at this school which was to my new place of education, I stopped outside the doors. As I walked down the hall, a strange silence seemed to fill the school. Not one person was speaking. Many sets of eyes stared me down as I kept on walking. A shiver traveled down my spine. What was wrong with these people. I could not tell whether this was truly happening, or it was all in my head being the new girl. I opened the door to room 121 and found a open desk. A tall, red-haired woman came into class and began shuffling through some papers. No doubt she was the teacher. She pointed at me, signaling me to come up to the front of the room. “Everyone, this is Carlie Door, she and her father just moved here”, she began,” So please make her feel comfortable here at Bridgton High”. I gave a quick smile and walked quietly back to my seat. Once the time for lunch had finally came, I shuffled into the room, and found an empty seat. As I opened my lunch bag, a girl from across the table began staring me down. I sank in my chair. Why the heck was she staring at me. Was this whole school crazy. Once Home I grabbed my laptop and began typing an essay. We had to turn it in on Friday so why not get a head start. The next day, During lunch I sat on the front steps of Bridgton High. A guy with deep grey-blue eyes was reading across from me. I laughed inside, watching him scoot slowly closer to me. I went back to eating my apple and sketching. He held his hand out to me saying, “I’m Gerard”. I laid my notepad on the step and shook his hand ,”Carlie”. He smiled and walked off repeating my name to himself then shouted back,” See ya around Carlie”! I scooped up my books and began heading to my chemistry class.

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