• CHP. 1

    and you said that I was the shallow one..

    Arabella strutted her way through the big crowds of highschoolers as they madetheir way to the sides of the halls. Yeah, My name is Arabella Emmerson, the best friend of the Megan Embridge. Megan flipped her hair as she walked past boys either winking, or blowing them a kiss. All I did was just look straight down the hall, flushed with anticipation and shy-ness "Megan, what the hell do you think your doing!? You do know that you've cheated on your boyfriend a billion times, but it always backfired right into your face again. Just stop flirting with all the other guys and just be with Taylor, and just Taylor." I hissed in my scolding tone, I was always so pissed when she would just cheat on her boyfriend like that.

    Teh. She was still single so of course she could do what Megan was doing, well duh she could. But she didn't have all the time in her life. But soon her mind was interupted by a high, squeky-like voice that came from the other side of Megan.

    "Meg,lets just go to the girls bathroom, hmm? I mean, this whole place is a mess and you need to get your makeup thickened. 'Cause your looking a little choppy on the mascara, lip gloss, and your eye shadow." Beatrice said showing the top popular girl 'The box'. The box had everything from plans to demolish other people, the 'i-hate-you' journal and even a bunch load of makeup just incase they need to cover up a makeup mess or blemish that appeared on there fair skinned faces, but all Meg did was give Bea a glare and eye roll, but then responded with a "Yeah, whatever, just dont tell me all the effing things you need to fix on my perfect face." she spat back at the brunette as Beatrice put her head down, still making her way to the girls bathroom.

    Megan just looked over at me and smiled, oh whatever.. I thought in my he4ad. What else would go wrong anyways? It was just a normal day here in Shoreline High as it was about 90 degrees, which was perfect for the sday since they were going out for a party at the beach because of Dylan's 19th birthday. oh yeah, just to tell you..we were the top big thing in the whole school since we were seniors.

    So then, other than Bea and Me, there was other semi-populars following step-by-step right behind our tails. They were Megan's friends but she didn't hang out as much as her,Bea, and I. But anyways, we reached the bathrooms as everyone crowded the big glass mirror. Some were just chatting, but hell, only like, 6? 7? 5? were talking. It was so annoying at times to know people were just so scared about how they looked "You guys, finish up cause we have 30 more minutes to finish up your makeup fling, get your books, and head to your classes" Amanda called out to everyone. Oh yeah uh? Did I tell you about Amanda? Amanda was the fourth popular one as she also kept time and kept all of the girls in schedule while they try to hop all those hurdles of plans and all that.

    In about 5 more minutes of waiting in the big hell hole of a bathroom, the girls all ran out dashing to there lockers, some just waiting for Megan to go out and go infront of them. They were like dogs. But thats how all of them acted, and I can't really blame them since they were really did need to do that since it was quite manditory for them, as Megan demanded it.

    So all the girls ran past other lower grades or other classmates as Arabella was walking to her class, binders tucked neatly under her chest, her head down, not paying attention to anything. Then..BAM! She hit something..or someone? Oh no, Oh hell no. It was Elliot, her crush since the 8th grade, but really, her best friend. Next to Megan thought heh. She blushed as she looked at Elliots eyes...

    END OF CHP. 1

    (hoped you all liked it heart ! stay tuned for CHP. 2)