• Oh, hey Holly, oh this little bruise? It's nothing. I hit a wall. Nah it was after I got off the phone with you, thanks again for the homework. Yeah I guess it kinda tough being new, but friends always make it easier right? Oh no it's nothing like that; I had friends at my old school, they just never seemed to take notice of me. I never really knew, they just kept their distance, I never really paid attention much. Actually, it was probably because of the lack of annoyances that I got into this school. Yep, I went straight home and studied. My mom drives to and from school. Yeah but my Dad cooks at stuff, see my mom has two jobs. Oh, well, he's not doing anything right now. He just kinda wanders around the house, he does keep me on top of my schoolwork though, heh. Yeah, he was home when I was sick yesterday. I'm alright now, I pretty sure I'm not contagious. Yep, I'm mostly home with my dad. Eh, we don't do much together, he's always, um, preoccupied. Well, he's looking for a job and is also sad 'cause Mom has to work two, then I got sick and he really got mad. I don't think he likes me talking to people on the phone, he might see it as a nuisance. Yep he really cares about me, he sometimes has a funny way of showing it, though. He just really wants me to do my best. Nah, I don't think he saw your phone call as a problem but it was more like he thought I wasn't strong enough to go to school and needed help. Nah, he's probably glad that you called to help me but sometimes he acts irrationally, and does stuff. Yeah, like this bruise. Yeh. He's a drunk and I really don't care,

    I hate him.