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    Howling Moon

    Trudging her feet in the pale snow, flakes falling from the sky, Maria went her way to the old house. "Humph," said Maria, "Those boys think that I can't stay in that house overnight!" She shivered when a cold breeze streamed by her. "Well I will prove that I can, I am not afraid of anything," said Maria. When she reached the house, she went on the doorstep and turned the doorknob. It wouldn't budge. Maria struggled with it, twisting and turning it. "Aargh, I guess I will have to slam into the wooden door," said Maria. She backed up a few paces, then ran, and thrust her body against the door. The door then flew open. As she entered the house, she looked around. In the house were items covered with dust, like books, lanterns and many other items. "This house must have been abandon years!" exclaimed Maria. Later, she made herself at home.
    After thirty minutes went by, Maria began to get hungry. She grabbed her bag that she brought along the trip, and started to scrimmage through it. "Good thing I brought some snacks and a soda," said Maria. As she ate, she took out her Mp3 player and started to listen to her music. A couple hours went by, and outside of the house the sky became dark.
    Maria was asleep on the hard floor, where snacks laid everywhere. Suddenly, there came a scratching noise at the back door. Maria started to twitch. The scratching became a banging at the door. Maria woke up. "Who's there?!" said Maria, shivering. Silence. Maria reached into her bag, and grabbed her flashlight and pepper spray.She then walked slowly towards the door. She turned the doorknob slowly, and opened the door. Maria saw nothing except darkness and the wilderness. As she looked left and right, two shadows leapt at her. She shrieked, and fell backwards. They were werewolves. She continued screaming, and suddenly the werewolves began to laugh. Then Maria stopped screaming, and realized that it was the two troublesome twins, d**k and Dan. When they took off their masks, they said, "you should've seen your face!" "You were scared out of your wits!" said d**k, "right Dan." "Yes remember her face turned white in fear?" "Yes!" They continued laughing. Maria's face turned red with furry. "You jerks!" shouted Maria, "you really scared me!" "You hear that," said Dan to d**k, "she confessed that she is scared of us!" They burst with laughter. Maria packed up her items and said, "I'm leaving!" As she exited the door, she could still hear the two boys laughing. Idiots, thought Maria.
    It was still snowing outside, and Maria couldn't find her way back home. "Oh, that is just great," exclaimed Maria, "My footsteps are covered up and I can't find my way home!" Suddenly a forest ranger came by and said, "Are you lost young lady?" "Yes," said Maria, "I can't find my way home." "Is there a town near it?" asked the ranger. "Yes it is near a town called Snickersville," replied Maria. "Oh, I know where that is, follow me," said the ranger. "Ok." A couple minutes went by, and Maria said, "what a beautiful night, too bad the moon won't reveal itself." "I don't like the moon," said the ranger, "it brings bad luck." "Oh," said Maria. What a strange man, thought Maria, almost everyone in the world likes the moon. Suddenly, as the clouds started to move away, the moon revealed itself. "Oh, there it is," said Maria, "Look how beautiful it makes the night." Instead of a reply, she heard the ranger growling and other horrific noises. "Sir are you alri-". Before she could finish her sentence, the ranger collapsed to the ground, and his appearance started to change. Fur started to spout all over his body, his hands turned into claws, and his face turned into a monster. Maria backed away and gasped, "You're, you're a werewolf!" The werewolf rised and said, "I'm hungry." Maria continued to shiver, and then started to run away from the werewolf. The werewolf jumped in front of her and said, "No, I can't let you go home, and tell them that I am a werewolf." Maria was in shock. "Now that you know my secret, I'm afraid that I can't let you see daylight ever again."
    In the morning the two boys, d**k and Dan, ended up sleeping in the old house. d**k shook Dan and said, "We better go home." "Ok," said Dan, rubbing his tired eyes. As they ventured through the woods, they were talking about how they scared Maria. "Yes, remember whe-". Dan and d**k fell down. "Ouch I think we tripped over something," said d**k. As they crawled over the object, they glanced at their jackets. Their jackets were soaked with fresh blood. "We, we tripped over somthing that hasn't died long ago," said d**k. Then they turned around to face the object. When they looked down at the object, their faces turned white. Laying on the cold ground, was the torn up flesh of Maria.