• Everythig was so wet. Rain was pelting everything with ruthless accuracy, nothing was free from it's tyranny. Her eyes had shown with a light. It was like fire, but fire is red and orange...not blue.

    No one interrupted her now. We all knew that this was it.
    All or nothing. And there was not one person that anyone here thought deserved to lead us more than she.

    I looked over at our Commander, her hair slicked back into a ponytail, soaking wet like everything else. We were only half of our force, the other half...they were...well. I was glad I wasn't on the other team.

    The Tigers, thapt was their name. The way all of their eyes watched her was almost frightening.

    I knew they had a long history with Clutch (the Leader) but...it was like they were just waiting for her to step up. Now that she had...

    My own Captain was close with Clutch but something was missing...
    Their connection lacked the...fire, of her's with the Tiger's leader.

    The only reason we put up with them was because of the relationship they had with Clutch that made it apparantly impossible for her to send them packing...strange how one person can make two mortal enemies work together extremely well...

    "TIME TO KICK a**!!!"

    We all drew our swords, guns, knives(whatever you please) and ran after Clutch, adrenaline pumping at full speed.

    Biggest mistake of our lives.