• I walked into the building, some how was under the assumption this would be a normal school day. Wrong! I took my favorite book out of my pocket and began to read. I've got to learn to stop walking and reading at the same time. I was just turning the corner to enter my physics class when I slammed into this guy. He had ridiculously bright red hair and caramel brown skin. I know I’d never seen him before, I never forget a face but some how this guy seemed familiar.
    "Watch where you're goin... Oh Jen, I’ve been looking for you all morning."

    "Who the hell are you?" I’m not usually this rude but his face was bugging me. "Do I know you?"

    "Ha ha, very funny. You forget to call a girl once and she doesn’t know you the next day." He said sarcastically. "Maybe i'll remind you." He leaned towards me making this weird face. Like he was trying to kiss me or something. So I kicked him in the face and punched him in the nuts.

    "Not into guy buddy. Plus I already have a girl-friend..." I looked at him again. That’s what it was. He looks like a guy version of my girlfriend.
    Almost as if he and she were identical twins. I notice the crowd accumulating around me. Don’t ask me how I didn’t notice this... them be for but I finally realized something was obstructing my vision as I tried to glare down at him. It took me a second to realize that I had... I had breasts. Yet I only did so when I tried to move them out of my way. "What the ********?!"

    "Woo baby! First she kicks a guys a** then starts fondling her self," another familiar voice. "This girl really knows how to start off a school day," he yelled. A hand on my shoulder, I looked over to find an Asian guy who uses way too much jell.

    "Danny. Should've known even in an alternate universe you’d still be a pervo."

    "What what in the what what?"

    I said nothing. Just smacked his hand away from my a**, which he was now grouping, and ran off. I don't know where exactly I was going. I just knew I couldn’t stand still. I was just about to make a mad dash through the front gate of the school grounds when it happened again. This time I fell back on to my a**. "Doesn’t any one watch where they're going these day?" (Hippocrate)

    "Hay." That voice. The instant I lifted my head it was like everything else froze. It was him... her. Those ocean green eyes. That sand paper tan skin. "You okay?" I had to say some thing. I couldn’t just sit there with my mouth open. "You know a fly's gonna land on you tongue if you stay that way." Crap! This was the guy I was cheating on my girl friend with. Or now the girl I was... anyways she helped me up and said. "We gotta find another way to say hi. You gonna say something or..."

    "You're just as sexy as a girl."