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    "I charge into the schools lobby and scream where is he"."They say they don't know". "Well I say some one better know".I see him and I yell what did you do"?He says he doesn't know what he did".I said do you know how much pain this has caused me ever since hes came into my life".Hes always being mean pushin me around like a rag doll"."I am sick of bein thrown around like a punching bag."I start bangin his head against the bookshelf"."And I mutter a thick bank of words on my teeth and he starts choking"."I think I should mutter a spell to end this hell hole to kill him to end it."But I stop and fall to the ground crying." My name is Rebecca no last name I was born without it."As long as I keep my being a druid a secret you won't tell anyone right?"Good because that would be a problem."If me being a druid gets set free I might get killed because people in magic in this time get killed if there druids because now its a bad thing they think its gonna kill us all."I don't beleive that will ever happen."I get undressed for my shower."I enter the tub and grab my oceans blue body soap."I turn on the water and put the soap on a rag."My mom aint home as always."My moms never home ever since my dad died."Long time ago this kid named Mike got to insane and killed his brother the school boy he never had a name I thought long and hard about that."Well whenever I touch someone or get eye contact there memories come to me thats one of the bad things like there brothers blood driping and him laying on the ground dead and her crying."So I wash my hair I wash good because my sister Kat is having a wedding."My sister walks in and takes a pee I say why can't you use the other bathroom."She says she had to pee really bad."I say whatever."Then I get out and dry off and get my dress and I put some mascarra on and covering and some lipstick then I get in my car and go to the wedding its already started."I mutter a swear word under my breath."Then it gets over and Its time for bed I need sleep for school tomarrow."So as I awoke the next mornin I get dressed and walk over to the elementary and wait for my bus as it comes I sit down and make something levatate I dont think im doing it I think some one else is some one sees and I stop."I put a string on my finger and show him."I see my bus is parked so I wait for the kids to get off and then I get on and I talk to one of my freinds out I think I might ask a kid named Johnny out hes not that hot but he has moments my sis used to date someone named Matt."So I get off and I am sad because I get in a fight because some one thinks there so "big and bad".So I win and then I run home because I wanna be alone I grab my razor yes im emo got a problem?"Good I wont be the crap outta you.Because most people when they call me pathectic.Some of them call me a phyco because im emo I swear at them and call this kid on my bus lephercaun because I swear he is one."I think I should leave this life of pain and sorrow but I think im pretty dang stable for me."I hate unstable people because they always kill thereselfs after meeting me am I a freak or something?"I think that all the time."I used to be unstabe kicking the crap outta everyone that misjudged me then I started to get lonely and I thought whats the point so I then started to be emo like I am now I think im doing a good job at school though I am having a problem with social studys."I try my best not to go off on a killing spree I would if I wasnt stable.If you want to be stabe you have to
    1.Be quiet
    2.Dont hate yerself.
    3.Dont kick the crap outta every one thats what I learned to do And you should to and dont someone you barly ever talk to they could be pretty dang nice."Im thinking I should right a book about all the people that commeted suicide."Its a pretty dangerous and chaotic place to be at but you should not go all the way and commet suicide it gets you nowhere in life and think about the people your hurting all the people that would miss you so as you read this know that there is hope for your feelings if noone can help you read this book it will get you set for life I meen that this book is inspired on all the things I have read all the feelings I have byt remember if you ever read this dont judge me for how I act and how I am being its nice just being yerslef so many people have to act like there some one else because you judge them if you see someone with a crazy eye or there bipolar help them control there anger thats what I should've done buts it to late for me the person is long outta my life and I cant help it if I be goofy once and awhile but just dont judge me this is the book for every one who has been disregarded and misled please when you read this you will be nice promise me that I swear if yer not then you need help get a consulor seriously."Just remember what I told you well this book is over if you have any questions contact me.