• Bring, bring! The last bell! I ran to my locker. It was jammed, of course. I tried slamming it, but of course, it stayed shut. "God damn it." Swears. Great. I've been reduced to that. I ran to my car, forgetting the stupid locker. She was already there. A gorgeous smile on her face. Jayea was giggling at me. I stroll over, trying to look normal. "Hey, ready to go?" I asked, opening the door for her. She nodded and smiled. "Weird, she's not talking." I thought. Oh well. I went around to the drivers side, and climbed in. She had her seat belt on, and was looking out the window. "This is your car huh?" She asked me.
    "Yes, why?" I replied, staring to back out of the parking lot.
    "Nothing. Nothing." She replied, looking at me. I hadn't noticed this, but her face was a bit sunken in. And she was pale.
    "Um, Jayea?"
    "Yes? What is it?" She asked, her singsong voice ringing through the small space of the car. I gulped, hoping this wouldn't offend her. "Are you feeling all right? You look a bit pale."
    She smiled sadly. "Connor, I wasn't going to tell you this, but.." She paused. "I have bone cancer. I figured you would notice I looked a bit different, and I was going to wait until you asked." Jayea explained. Her expression looked funny, and I realized my mouth was hanging open. I shut it immediately. I looked at her. "I-I'm sorry. I just thought you had the flu or something." I muttered sheepishly. We drove in silence. I dropped her off at her house, since I figured the conversation had ruined out relationship, but she did something opposite. She gave me her number, and told me to call her when I got Home. "See you later, BF." She winked. I just about melted. I drove home in a blur. "I have a girl friend." Kept running through my mind. "With Cancer.." I said out loud. My stomach dropped. I went inside, and called her.