One day I was adventuring in south east Asia when I came upon an interesting rock. It was a small spider-like rock made of an ice-like material. It had a large symbol on its back, which resembled a spear through a humans head. The human was labeled “Jasobklin” and spear was labeled “Yito” I looked at it and said “How realistic!”. On the back was a couple of dots and symbols leading to something called “ The Lair”. I observed the it once more, and realized this was a map of the Himalayan Mountains! I inferred where I would be and guessed I was about on the fourth dot. It was about 15 miles away from “The Lair”. The rock in my hands felt like it was getting warmer, until it burned me and I threw it on the ground. As soon as the…. Whatever it was, was on the ground it practically exploded, shattering into a thousand pieces. Then the pieces evaporated into the air… Or so I thought….

    My name is Jack Wilson. I was working in the Himalayas to study the native creatures when I found The Ice yesterday. I was packing up to go to “The Lair” after reading The Ice’s message or code. I was a curious student who had graduated from Yale College two years ago. I had majored in “Extreme Archeology” a sort of archeology that required more endurance than just normal archeology. Right now I was working for a company called “World Study” a organization determined to figure out the secrets of the world. My job was to run around and study countries that have never been to closely examined. I was packing when I realized something odd, my finger was an icy blue color. I hoped I hadn’t caught a disease from any of the natives of something. My suspicion was that maybe I had got it from touching The Ice, because the color was almost identical. I tapped on the finger. It was rock solid.

    As I said goodbye to the man housing me, Jacob Milfer, I made sure to keep my Ice hand in my glove. The Ice had now covered my entire hand, which was rock solid, oddly enough, I could still flex it well. I would now embark on my journey in the Himalayas. I no longer had The Ice, but I could find my way from memory. Jacob told me to watch out for the Yeti, and I snickered. “Of course I will!” I said, trying my best to sound sincere. The next area on The Ice was marked north-east of here. Ok, I thought, this shouldn’t take too long. As I trudged through the snow, I had a quick jab of pain in my left arm. The Ice had just reached my left elbow.

    I could see over the cliff I was on that a small village was ahead. “This must be my stopping point.” I said to myself. I entered the village quietly, not to disturb anyone, I was sure they did not see many travelers. My journey here had been uneventful, except for seeing a white fox. I looked around for someone, but everyone seemed to be in their homes. After circling the village once, I knocked on a door of one of the houses. At first no one answered, until a large middle-aged man came out. “What?” He said calmly, yet grumpily at the same time. “I need somewhere to stay for the night.” I said. He glared at me, then said, “You may stay for one night, then you are never to come here again.” I knew he thought I was going to disturb his village or something, like many towns around this area. I thanked him profusely. I walked into the small house as he motioned toward the living room area. I sat my small pack down, but kept my coat and gloves on. “What is your name?” He asked. “Jack Wilson” I said. “I am Mogh.” He said, “Welcome to the village of YiiShin.”


    It was 1:00 a.m. in YiiShin. I was sleeping on Mogh’s living room floor. I glanced at my Ice covered left arm. I could see a figure standing above me, but it was blurry. I looked upon again seeing that it was Mogh. “Mogh?!” I muttered. He looked angry. “What’s going on?” I thought. I then realized that Mogh was carrying a spear. This woke me up. He thrust it toward me. I rolled out of the way just in time. “What the heck are you doing!?” I screamed at Mogh. His eyes were glazed over. He seemed possessed. He now swung the sharp end of the spear at me. It cut off some of my hair as I ducked. I was now in the corner of the living room, surrounded by Mogh. He made a final thrust toward me with the spear, and I swung out my left arm to block it. SNAP! I opened my eyes, Mogh’s metal spear had snapped in half.

    I gathered my bags as a knocked out Mogh fell to the floor, I didn’t know The Ice was that strong. I was as puzzled by Mogh’s motives as I was by The Ice. All I knew was that I had to get out of YiiShin. My arm wasn’t sore or anything, it just felt like… An arm. I wanted to know what material The Ice was made out of, but we weren’t near anywhere that had a microscope or particle accelerator. I ran off into the freezing cold, and climbed up the hill to get out of the village. It was actually warmer than I suspected, it seemed like 60 degrees outside. That would be a record for the Himalayas. I settled in next to a tree about a mile away from the village and went to sleep.

    As I woke up I saw the same white fox I had seen when I had come to YiiShin. I looked at as it surveyed its surroundings. It had a fluffy tail and a curved snout. It looked like it was tracking something. I moved toward the fox, it didn’t move. I walked right up to it and it looked at me, but didn’t move an inch. I reached out my hand toward it. “Hello, Jack!” It said. “What??!!” I fell back in amazement. “You can talk!” I was appalled. “Yes, I can talk…” Responded the fox, looking impatient. “Who are you?” I asked. “I am your Guardian, Miuchi.” “Guardian?” I said, confused. “Sorry, but I can’t tell you about that yet.” Said Miuchi.

    The Ice had now covered my entire upper body, except for my head and neck. Miuchi refused to say anything else, except for riddles like “The Test must be finished.” and “You have completed the first state.” He stayed with me as I traveled to The Lair. “I think we are about five miles away from The Lair” I told him. “Correct.” He said. That night I was up late thinking about what the lair would be like. I slowly fell asleep… I was in an icy cave, The Ice had covered my entire body, I had spikes growing on my hands. I walked up to the creature, it was… I woke up with a jolt of pain in both my hands, spikes.


    Me and Miuchi were now about a mile away from “The Lair”. I felt like I was being drawn toward it. I flexed my now un-gloved hands with their spikes, I felt like I was holding a lethal weapon, I was. I looked at what was probably the entrance to the lair. I crawled in with ease. “Aren’t you coming?” I asked Miuchi, but he was already gone. I was now stranded in an icy cave, with one tunnel leading to a light. I walked into the tunnel. This was it.

    What was I supposed to do? I had made it this far. I observed the area I was in. It was a weird blue-colored tunnel that seemed to never end. My entire body suddenly felt tense. I fell over in pain. “AAAAUUUGH!” I screamed. My entire body was covered in The Ice. I got up, what was going on? I walked farther into the cave. I was in a large, well lit room. A familiar figure was there.

    Mogh was on the floor of the room, with some black aura around him. Mogh stood up. He walked toward me with his spear in hand. I wasn’t sure what to do. I couldn’t kill him! He swung the spear toward me. I tried to block the spear like I had earlier. My arm crashed into the spear. CLANG! It didn’t snap. Now Mogh looked angered. “WRAAAAAH!” He screamed. This wasn’t Mogh. He had to be possessed. I placed a good kick right in Mogh’s chin, knocking him out. I looked down at him sadly, did I have to do this? A grinning figure then walked into the room. It was…

    THE YETI!!!!??? A white, furry, sharp-toothed, growling, humanoid, creature walked into the room. I don’t know why, but I ran toward The Yeti at full speed. His own dark aura surrounded him. I think I was going REALLY fast. I slashed him as hard as I could. The Yeti blocked it with ease. I tried another slash toward the chest. The Yeti grabbed my arm and threw me across the room. I felt like my entire body had shattered. The Ice was fine. Time to use my secret weapon.


    I extended my “hand spikes”, I walked toward The Yeti slowly. He charged toward me. I decided to wait until the last second. I jumped over him, then quickly stabbed him in the neck with my spikes. No blood came out, had I hit him in the wrong place? The Yeti spun around and slashed with his claws. I felt pain, but it didn’t show. I needed to finish this quick. I tried another stab at him, but he punched my arm away. I spun around, where’d he go? I couldn’t see The Yeti. WHAM! He jumped down from the ceiling. I was grabbed by him and then…. CRUNCH! He bit into my neck. A Vampire Yeti?! I suddenly felt limp. I saw a blue aura coming out of my body. Was he possessing me? This probably happened to Mogh also. I was getting weaker and weaker, The Ice was leaving my body.

    NO! I wouldn’t let this happen! I tried to concentrate The Ice into my right hand. It seemed to get stronger. Good, this might actually work! I thrust my hand toward The Yeti with all my strength. I hit him right in the head. His head… Exploded. The remaining parts of his body fell to the floor, and vanished into a green aura. I had just killed The Yeti. I wasn’t sure what to do. I couldn’t find Mogh, The Ice had regenerated to only my upper body, and their was no proof that The Yeti had even existed. I fell to the floor of the room. I had so many questions.

    I felt like I was falling, falling into an endless pit of nothingness. I couldn’t go back to working for World Study with The Ice. I really had nothing to do. I opened my eyes, I was falling. Somehow, this didn’t surprise me, I guess The Ice and my body was to much weight on the cave floor. It must have shattered. The Ice had covered my whole body now, probably preparing me for the landing. I then realized someone was falling with me, Miuchi!

    “Miuchi?” I asked. “What?” He said. “Do you know what’s going on?” I said. “Yes, but I can’t tell you,” He answered, “You’ll have to find out yourself.” I pointed my body downwards so I would fall faster, I wanted to get this over with. CRASH!!!! I hit the ground suddenly, I was shaken. Miuchi somehow escaped unharmed. We were in another cave. Two large metal doors were right in front of us. I got up and pushed as hard as I could on the doors. They opened.

    And this is where i stopped.