• Prologue

    It was the year 7800. Humans were zombie-like carbon emitters, and monkeys ruled the earth. The Monkeys also inhabited the Moon and Mars. The DMs (Developed Monkeys) had far superior strength and intelligence, after evolving more efficiently than the humans. Soon the polluted Earth would be left to the Humans to rule. After the Milky Way Galaxy had devoured all the other galaxies, the rest of the Universe was an endless chain of black holes.

    However, the natives of Earth were not the only ones in the galaxy. The Demons of Jupiter were a race seen rarely by anyone other than themselves. They created a sort of A.I. and half-living race of humanoid creatures. The real Demons lived in the core of Jupiter as gas-based organisms capable of solid forms. Their A.I., half-living creatures were commonly referred to as BiZads, because of their mixed race. The BiZads inhabited Saturn and lived on top of floating cities.

    After the BiZads and DMs met in space boats they insisted on bringing one of each race to each others home planet for biological and social studies. Both were killed for research. This sparked the biggest war in the history of the universe. The humans joined in too, simply because they were STUPID.

    After 10 years of war, the DMs and BiZads decided to settle it once and for all, they would have a competition to finish it. One would represent each race, whoever won would rule. The competitors had to destroy a GIGANTIC space boat, The Titanic II, and make it out alive.

    * * *

    Bing! The timer started. George, Brad, and G57337drbh rushed toward the engine room. George would represent the DMs and Brad the humans. The ship shook like an elephant being shot with a Taser. G5 shot his grappling hook into a pipe above them. George ran as fast as he could on the ground. Brad seemed to be lagging behind. George noticed a small glowing object attached to Brad. G5 pulled out a remote while he was swinging on the pipe and pressed a button.

    The piece of metal attached to Brad started glowing faster and faster, until… Brad exploded. You probably don’t want to know the details. “I need to watch out for those.” thought George. Finally, George and G5 (G5, elite, demon, robot, bounty hunter) reached the entrance to the engine. There was a small hatch at the top, which G5 struggled to get through while George summoned his fellow DMs. POOF! 6 more DMs appeared. “Pull!” commanded George. The DMs heaved the door open and George sprinted through.

    The engine room was vast. George and G5 both noticed the master plasma generator in the middle. George ran toward it at 30 mph but G5s gun was faster. KA-POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Sea was filled with angry monkeys. (Some call space The Sea.) G5 had won. The Demons ruled. Or did they?

    1 year later…

    DMs ruled the universe!!??? The competition had been voted unfair by the council of really old monkeys. The DMs had been declared the winners and had killed the Leader of the BiZads. The BiZads returned to Jupiter and their floating cities were destroyed. This was clearly inhumane, but they were monkeys, not humans.

    The Humans became jealous of the DMs and soon attempted to rebel. Phnelleas J. Ponter stole some important bio-research from the monkeys Alchemetic Science Lab.
    It was a solution called Sac-Ength, or S-E. It drained brain cells from whoever took it, and replaced them with muscle and endurance cells, as well as a prototype immortality gene. This would supposedly give the taker “Berserk Invincibility” as said by Fardon Mohid, a Doctor recently admitted to the local insane asylum in Motbien. The Sac-Ength would have been allowed to be used in the society of the DMs and warfare if the test subject who had taken it hadn’t died.

    In a desperate attempt to overthrow the DMs, Ponter sold the Sac-Ength to his human friends. Of course, being the cowards they are, the friends sold the solution to others, who sold them to others, and so on. Ponter was the first to take the Sac-Ength and he immediately fainted after taking it. Then they all did. All the humans took the solution. They all died.

    The DMs discovered this about an earth week after it happened. They put away the bodies in a sewer the size of Pennsylvania and were left to rot. The BiZads were becoming rarer and rarer, and the existence of the Demons was still unknown. The Monkeys slowly inhabited all the solid planets, setting up bases and militaries. They had won. They thrived. Was this the fate of the universe? No.

    Chapter 1: UnderAir

    King Gemsan sighed. “The time has come to DO SOMETHING!” He said to Vomal. “But, how? And who?” responded Vomal, “The BiZads are all dying off!” (In the UnderAir, as opposed to underground, King Gemsan and Vomal are both Demons of Jupiter, two the three remaining.) “We have to send our elite BiZads to Earth to scout out what we can do,” Screamed Gemsan, “We can’t be ruled by the DMs forever!” “Fine. I’ll get H2 and VX9 in here.” said Vomal, somewhat reluctantly.
    Hydrogen Prototype 2 and Volcanic the 9th walked into the Royal Chamber. “Please appear in solid form.” requested H2. Gemsan appeared in the form of a Greater Fire Entity, and Vomal as a Shadow Cat. “You have been chosen for a VERY important mission.” said Vomal. “I want you,” Vomal paused, “to invade Earth, survey them.” Both the BiZads were somewhat taken aback. “What?!” H2 said after about 10 seconds. “This is NOT voluntary.” said Gemsan sternly. “Accept the mission or you shall suffer a much worse fate.” Vomal said, expressionless. “When shall we leave?” responded VX9, not even flinching. “Now.”

    H2 and VX9 got into the Light Pod. This was the fastest transportation available, the speed of Light. They were to survey the area and avoid being seen by humans or monkeys. If possible AVOID mass destruction of either race, or full scale war. Steal anything important. Vomal shut the door. “DO NOT FAIL.” he said. KAAAAAA-ZIP! The BiZads were launched into the atmosphere and beyond.

    H2 was the first to exit the pod; it was lodged in a canyon in Pittsburg. VX9 then exited the trashed pod and scanned the area with heat vision goggles. Nothing. No life within a 10 mile radius. H2 finally said, “This is bad.” VX9 nodded. The landscape of broken buildings and dirt was a lot less developed than the Magma powered cities of the UnderAir. H2 converted himself to pure hydrogen. He then “rode” on a passing flow of hydrogen. VX9 emerged himself into the earth molten core, riding on a flow of Magma.

    After 10 more Earth hours of searching for humans or DMs, VX9 found a large amount of life forms underground, “Let’s go check it out.” VX9 said to H2. He nodded. They both aimed their plasma bolts to the ground. KA-BLAM! Dirt was thrown all over the place. There was a small door that H2 opened that led to a tunnel. “The life form, or forms, is/are this way.” said VX9. “I don’t know about this.” said H2.