• Before.
    i just had eaten a big meal home.
    i was thinking about the girl on school said to me: '' today 7 o'clock in the evening you will find your true love. '' i looked on my watch. 6:30. i liked the weather. nice warm with a cool breeze. i was walking in a T-shirt.
    6:40. i had a short walk trough the park. the sun began to disappear between the clouds. 'just a little rain,'i thought. i was right, a little rain. a few minutes later the sun began to appear once again.

    6:45. i still was thinking about the girl on school. i was sitting on a pier near a river. i saw a girl from my class. nice girl. we talked about the history lesson. i watched on my watch. 6:50. then i saw a boy from my class. he was kinda nervous. when the girl aside me called his name he turned red. i thought of something. ah well, the boy came sitting inbetween us. we talked a bit.
    6:55. the guy was still very red. we were all silent.
    In just a blink, the boy said to the girl"can i ask something?''
    "what is it?''
    "well... umm... " the boy was silence for a minute.
    he got some flowers and gave them to the girl.
    ''do you.. want to me my girlfriend?''
    the girl slowly taken the flowers."y..y..yes..." she replied.
    suddenly the girl got to the boy his face. their lips reached each other.

    7:00. the girl and the boy are headed home. i still sat on the pier. there suddenly sat a girl next to me. "hi''
    it was getting sunset. i just sat and stared at the water. suddenly i felt a head against my shoulders. the girl laid on my shoulder. it was dark now, but still nice weather. we watched the stars. we saw a falling star. i asked''what should you wish?'' she replied '' i dont want to say, it is a little embarassing...''
    ''if you say what it is, i will make it come true'',i replied.
    suddenly i felt something. it felt great. i got light in my head... i dont know for how long, but i felt great.
    i smiled at her. i now know what happened... we love each other. this was my first kiss...