• I shook my head. I tried lifting it up, but something was pulling it back. What if Shadow never made it? What if he collapsed and I'm going to die in the next couple of hours? What if....IF.
    I opened my eyes.
    I was surrounded by pale blue curtains and White walls. I could hear beeping. It was blury, so I tried to rub my eyes, but it felt too hard.
    The sight came back. It was Nn. Her head was out the curtains. I could hear her.
    'She's alright'
    She turned back to me and held my pulse like she was counting my pulserate. She mouthed numbers and wrote it down on a sheet and put it on my bed.
    'Y.....you....your....you're a doctor?' I asked, trying my hardest to let the words out.
    She laughed 'No, just something I learnt from stupid soap operas on television waiting for you to wake up.'
    'How long?' I asked.
    Ace came in and held her hand. He examined me. Was everyone doctors now? Have I missed something? It reminded me of the time I fell of the swing and broke my arm. I was the center of attention.
    I remembered.
    I gasped.
    'Nn Dancers trying to get Masorri and Ace hanging onto every word and tried to kill me so then she wouldn't have to worry about 'competition' and she said you were no competition and I tried to hurt her but the Shadow stopped me and.....and'
    'I knew.'
    She knew? I'd almost died for something she knew? My whole life is comming down. I could of asked her if she did, but me, being stupid again, went straight for it. Masorri came in. I think he heard everyword. What if he took it the wrong way-
    He stormed out. Nn coughed twice and in the middle it sounded like 'love'.
    'Where are we? How long?' I asked.
    Nn bit her lip 'Three months. In.........' she mumbled the rest 'Australia'
    I gasped. I sat up and Nn went to hold all the wires in place. Australia? I didn't understand. What was wrong with England?
    'If we were in England.......your mum would probably know about it....which wouldn't be good. Shadow met up with me and Ace on the way. We hired several boats, it was really hard, but we maniged. Plus it was easy just to glide over the water, and swim. Honestly, I never thought an unconcious person could use and oxegyn tank, but you did.'
    I doubted the boat hire part, and the gliding, but the rest is actually beleivable of what I've seen. I remembered, Shadow.
    'Shadow? Where is he? He isn't dead. I'm a murderer I know it.'
    Ace laughed. Nn elbutted him to make him stop. She reached for the curtain on one side of me. There, in the bed, was a smaller boy than I remembered, I'd never seen him human, only wolf. He was tanned with short black hair. He was still tall, just not as big as a wolf, which would be pretty amazing. He was asleep. Asleep or dead?
    'Unconcious. He collapsed five minutes before we reached the hospital. We said a couple of lies, then Lah di Dah, and now you fell of a building and he was.......' she laughed 'Afraid of heights, so that almost killed him. We don't know how long he'll be-'
    'No more will I be 'asleep'. I'm done with the acting for the past two months...well....except six hours a day, the acting.'
    I looked at him. He ws covered in scars. I wondered what us four went through.
    'We don't know where Dancer is yet, Shadow. Sorry. We think she'll be with Masorri. But we just need to find chaos to find Masorri.'
    I knew what they meant. They didn't mean chaos.
    Chaos was literally me.