Water rushed into every room in the house.
    “Get the animals Chloe, hurry!”
    I ran outside with 5 leashes in my hand, I could hear my dogs barking and water running. I tried to run but fell by the force of the water. I swam to the dog run fighting the current. I reached out and grabbed the cage wire. I felt a warm wet tongue against my fingers.
    “Buster,” I gasped
    I stood up and made my way to the door.
    “Come here boy,” I called. It was dark and I couldn’t see very well. I heard a bark and glimpsed a big figure bound towards me I tried to block it but it knocked me over. I fell back and hit my head. It hurt but I wasn’t badly hurt. I grabbed Busters collar and hooked the leash on it. I pushed him off and stood up. I nearly fell over again but grabbed onto the cage. The water was getting higher. I had to move faster. I got to the other door and pulled it open. Candy didn’t come out.
    “Candy come here girl,” she still didn’t come. I walked in and tried to feel for her. I felt a brush of fur. I moved my hand over to feel better. Only then did I realise it was Candy. I jumped back startled, and realised there was no barking. I froze and listened. I could only hear the sloshing of the water and the whimpering of Buster beside me. He liked me on the face. I usually pushed him away but this didn’t seem like the time to care. I wanted to go back

    To my dearest mother:
    Mother, although you are happy for me to have been asked to join Edgar on this voyage I do not wish to accompany him on his next. We have raided about 8 small villages and I want to come home now. I don’t think I can handle killing another family. I have nightmares, nightmares about us, our family being one of them helpless families having a meal, preparing one, or just relaxing when suddenly they hear screaming and banging. And when they run out to see what all the noise is they see big tall shadows attacking their friends and family not knowing what to do. So they try to attack the shadows but more come so they try to escape. But they’re weak village legs are no match for the shadows big strong sea legs so they cannot out run them. Instead they get cut in the back several times in several places, fall to the ground gasping for breath and then die. I’ve had the same nightmare for a while now and I’ve felt the pain of the families. I don’t know what do mother, but I can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep slaughtering children and raping women until they die. I’m getting paranoid and I fear I might hurt myself, I am afraid to sleep, afraid to see that horrible nightmare again and I am not eating properly.
    Sorry mother I have to go now the mailing boat man is getting restless and Edgar predicts we will come across another village. I hope to see you again soon someday.
    Your son, Astrid.