• A man enters an airport in Japan with nothing but a sword on his hip and a small backpack. He gets his ticket, goes through the metal detector, and gets stopped by the airport security. She, the security guard, says “Please give me your weapon so I can put it in the cargo hold, or leave this facility.”
    “I’m sorry, but I cannot let my blade leave my possession.” the man says
    “Well then you will have to leave and return when you can depart with your weapon.”
    He scuffs under his breath and whispers “Forgive me Kagome.” Than says “fine, but there better not be a single scratch on this blade when I get it back” he then hands her the blade. He then boards his plane heading to America, goes to his seat, and closes his eyes to sleep.
    When he awakens he still has about ten minutes before he will be where he needs to. He notices the guard that had taken his blade and she notices him, so she goes up to him and says “Sorry for taking your sword earlier, it looked beautiful. If you don’t mind me asking where did you get it?”
    “You would not understand unless you knew my story, it will take some time to tell but I think I can tell it all before my trip is over. Do you want to know?”
    “I guess, we still have about thirty minutes before we touch down, so I have time.”
    “Heh, the question isn’t if you have time, it’s if I have time. Anyways I should start. My blade was made by my fiancée, Kagome Hishira, before our wedding. Around ten years before I met her Kagome was the best sword-smith in all of Japan, for the simple fact that she used Dragonium, a rare metal that she found deep within an abandoned mine shaft, around fifty feet past where they stopped mining at.”
    “I haven’t heard about any of this stuff, why’s that?”
    “First of all, it’s rude to interrupt, secondly, you may have half an hour left but I might not be like you, and thirdly it was very top secret so few people outside of her clients even knew about it. Now allow me to continue, this metal was strong enough to cut through diamond, light enough to carry single-handed, and it was also nearly indestructible, as long as it was made properly, that is. Any mistake in the creation process and the sword would be worthless, now back to my tale. In the following five years she made 96 beautiful swords for 96 worthy customers, but then one day she just gave it all up. Then three more years passed and war broke out in two countries so small no other lands even noticed the war, but Kagome did.” He took a short pause and then continued,” She made one sword for both sides, her 97th & 98th, those swords changed the tide of the war until only two captains, each wielding a sword stood. They battled for three weeks, without either person, or sword, giving out. They eventually decided that the war was over and decided on a draw. They then merged there countries and became Tereibia, a small country that still is barely known, but after the truce they received a gift from Kagome, her 99th sword, and a note saying that she would only make one more sword, and she had found the final wielder.”
    “Was it you?”
    “Again, rude to interrupt, but if I was in your shoes I would have interrupted a lot more so, yes, it was me. About a week before the treaty was signed and the gift sent, I met her. She found me unconscious outside of her house and cared for me until I was better, but I had lost all of my memory. My memory did slowly return and I was able to remember I had been a swordsman in a war, but I don’t remember who I was fighting for or against, and I don’t remember how I got out of the fighting. The more time we spent together, which was a lot because I was to poor to afford a room anywhere in town and she let me stay for free if I helped her around her house, the more we began to like each other. After a year I proposed and we had the date set for the one year anniversary of my proposal.” He paused, checked his watch, and continued.
    “The night before our wedding Kagome stayed at her best friend’s, Sango’s, house and gave Sango the wedding present she had made for me. Her 100th katana, it was made better than any other one she had ever made, somehow she had made Dragonium even stronger than it was before, then the next day, as she was walking down the isle, ten warriors appeared, each with a sword she had made, stolen from people all around the world. They killed her when she refused to hand over the 100th blade. I wanted to stay and fight but Sango knocked me unconscious and by the time I awoke, only I survived. How I escaped death, yet again I do not know, but what I do know was in my hand was a present that said, ‘to my beloved fiancée, I don’t know where the future will take us or how we will get there, but as long as this sword stands, so shall our love, may this be a good blessing on us to live long, happy lives together. This is the last of the Dragonium and I know you will use it wisely.’ Soon after I began hunting the gang that had stolen all of her swords from around the world. She was buried in a secret burial ground that only I know about. It has 102 different burial places, one for me and her, side by side, and one for each of her swords, because she knew something like this would happen. In the ten years since then, I have found and collected 48 of the swords and have learned that many of the gang found it’s way to America and now I must gather the swords from their and place them by my beloved, so she can finally rest in peace. Now that I have told you my tale, I need you to go to the cockpit and tell the pilots that the hangar doors where my sword is will soon be open and I will leave via there, good-bye miss.”
    He started for the holding area when the lady asked. “What’s your name?”
    “I don’t remember, I’ve been going by Drago for a while so, it’s Drago.” then with a smile they split up, and he got his sword, and jumped out the plane, twenty minutes before the rest of them landed. They never met again but the lady saw part of the news one day and it said “Fire breaks out in an unknown cemetery, burns over 100 graves, all that’s left is a piece of unknown metal that simply says, ‘now it’s all over, 100 up and 100 down‘. May these poor souls find rest in their next life.”

    Now you may be asking what happened in the end of it all, well that’s up for you to decide.