• Chapter 5: Dark Waters, Ice Cold, Death’s Grasp

    I’m surrounded by water that is so cold. I’m shivering ferociously out in the middle of nowhere struggling to stay afloat. The water is black as the darkest cave and I cannot see but my reflection upon it. There are no ripples as I turn about in the water. It seems as I’m not moving at all. I turn slowly to the left and see nothing and then to the right and I am replace with the same desertion. I feel the fear pounding in my heart and my arms are so tired from keeping me above the water. The water is so cold, so…

    Salena begins to slip below the water as her heart slows and her muscles can no longer move from the ice cold water. She will die soon if she does not awake. They say that if something bad that would cause you to die in a dream then you have actually died in real life. Suppose you were to jump off a cliff and you wake up before you hit the bottom, but one time you do, and then you never wake up. Salena’s body is slowly loosing the ability to move and her mind is racing but it grows tired and begins to welcome the cold as it tries to put her into a sleep that she will never awaken from. Wake up Salena, wake up.

    The cold is so welcoming. It tells me that it is time to sleep, time to relax and let all my worries seep out. It wraps itself around my body and hinders me motionless as I float on this cloud of dark water. Go to sleep it tells me. You will never have any problems ever again. I will take care of you forever.


    It’s such a meaningful word. I will love you forever. Together we shall be forever. Always and forever. Forever and eternity.




    Salena forces her mind awake as she remembers the handsome vampire who had saved her life. She struggles to move her limbs and retake them from Death’s cold grasp. She is met with failure time and again and further down into the deep she sinks, whilst the cold grows ever colder.

    It’s so cold. I don’t know if I can make it. Come on Salena! You can do this. Push yourself. You know your limits and this is not it. Keep going. I believe in you. I hear my father’s voice in my head cheering me on.

    With renewed strength Salena fights back against the cold with the growing heat within her. What she doesn’t seem to notice is that the dark water surrounding her is not as dark as it was. It is lit from this light behind her. She thrashes her arms and legs moving back up to the surface. She has a bit to go.

    Almost there. Come on Salena. You’re my daughter. I know you can do this. Push yourself. HARDER!

    Salena’s body suddenly convulses as that glow from behind her grows brighter.

    Oh my god! What’s happening to me?!?!?

    Pain shoots through Salena’s shoulders and back. She tries to curl her body as if trying to avoid the strikes but the jolts straighten her back and the wings finally escape from her blades and the pain quickly subsides. The blue tinted wings that were made up of tiny flickering flames envelope and caress her cheek as if apologizing for all the pain she had to go through. Stunned Salena just stares at them as they seem to whisper a name.

    Ember, Ember we are sorry. We tried to get out but the cold made it harder to break through.

    Each little feather like flame seemed to be alive, stroking her face and embracing her.

    Please, Ember. Please forgive us. We love you. Look at us. Aren’t we beautiful?

    Salena opened her eyes. She gasped at their splendor. Realizing she could take a breath she looked around her, completely astonished at the fact that she was floating above the water that had recently tried to drag her to their unseen depths.

    What if Salena had fallen asleep? What if Death’s cold grasp had taken her farther than she could go, pulling her deeper into the darkness of the deep?

    Is she ready for the gift to be bestowed her? Can she be trusted to understand what resides within her? The long lost spirit that finally found a place to call home has become one with the girl. What will she do?