• {This is no ordinary story…}

    The mayor -.-
    I’m pleased to present the new houses for Walla Walla town said the mayor. The houses went quick but there was one house still there it was an old house quite like the other houses. I was about to rent it until an old man came and said I have died in that house many times but the angels keep bringing me down. He said that every time I walked by. But one day I did not listen I rented that house and! BANG! I was on the floor gasping for air when all the sudden I saw the mayor laughing? When I closed my eyes I saw a dutiful place. Heaven maybe but then I saw sparks and I was down in the hospital. That man was right but I still wanted to know why was the mayor in that house and why was he laughing this made me cereous but this time I went with my friend charlotte.
    Charlotte was not afraid of anything daredevil! So she went with me but this time she rented the house. “Keep guard this mayor is no ordinary guy” I said with fear. “No need to worry I’m with you he won’t kill someone with a witness.” She said. That was the last thing she said like war was going on not that much time to say any thing ease. We were in the house for an hour when all the sudden we where in a game I could not move my body neither could she all the sudden we were talking but what we did not won’t to say. Then we were free to do want we won’t to. Then someone was at the door we were not free now we walked to the door answered it and then we were shocked and we were dead. Then we heard this voice saying oh man I do that every time.
    We were up but then down again we were in the hospital “we are never going in that house again” if she said that I’m not going in that house again. That old man warned me and warned me but I did not listen. Next time someone says something I should listen, because of you not listening this is what you get. I was in the hospital laying there wondering about who was that guy who said “I do that every time.” Even though Charlotte said I do not like that house I was still curios about what was going on in that house? That doctor asked me how come you were in the hospital a lot this month. I did not answer them I just laid there still wondering. The doctors came in to check me out and make sure that I didn’t have any internal bleeding. I didn’t have any problems they made me stay there for one whole week but once I got out of the hospital I asked that old man what made him stop wondering he just said I just stopped wondering.
    The next day I asked the old man if he wanted to go into the house with me. He said no because I’ll die and stay there. That’s when I figured it out. He was at the end of his time so if he goes into that house again he would die for good so I said I have to kill the mayor. He just sat there all year doing nothing Intel he got the message that the mayor has died from a gun shot. He was tolled they would keep looking for your fathers killer. He finally got up out of his chair and said he is not my father. He is a stranger to me and so this is no concern to me, he is just a sick mayor, going around killing people, he should not get the pleaser of living. The guards just looked at him and said ok well BANG! He is dead I ran as fast as I could and he was gone I must have had been at the wrong house. And of course I got lost as easy as a worm in the city. Oh man where am I and then I heard this voice this voice tolled me where to go this voice was the old mans voice I thought he was dead. When I got there I looked around for him he was sitting there. WHAT!!!!! This old man has found his fate and it brought him back from beyond the dead, oh man this old man was the weirdest old man I have ever known, I fact he is the only old man I have ever known. When I went to talk to him someone screamed out it’s the killer the mayor killer. What? I didn’t under stand but when I turned around I saw this photo of me. I bet that old man turned me in for killing the mayor. But when I went to give him a piece of my mind this man attacked me out of the blue. But it was charlotte she said come with me and I’ll show you the safest places here.

    Charlotte was a killer she killed almost 40 people this year so I could trust her. She took me to this place it was called 50 stars 13 strips. When w e walked in she introduced me to her fellow killers “this is my pal fly” I guess that was my new nickname “HI FLY!”
    a big high pitch voice said. “I MISSED YOU” she said “who are you crazy woman or something” I said “BUT WER FERIENDS” she said “NO WE ARE NOT!!!!” I said in a very mean voice “what happened to me Charlotte?” I asked “ I have no idea, I never heard you that way before” she said “nether have I” I said with fear why was this place called safe place it’s right in plane sight.

    After I killed the mayor everything has changed I’ve changed in mood, eating, I’ve been killing more and more people. I now have 1 million dollars just by robbing people guess you can call this my longest story ever but I call it a mystery. The mystery of the house on the corner of burr, and the mystery of me Kaitlyn.