• It's a sad existince knowing when one will die, maybe not the thought of dying but the thought of what you will leave behind and what you have left undone. Such a case had found it's way to Jerhi barley the age to drown his sorrow in spirits. The boy didn't know persey he was going to die this day but humankind being built with this sixth sense, some say they can feel ghosts some a death of a family member in the case of Jerhi one such thing hit him only 5 seconds before the sudden impact. Most people who are about to reach death see their lives flash before their very eyes, as the case was for Jerhi.

    As the oncoming lights of the 18 wheeled monster drew ever closer, time seemed to stand still as if held gunpoint. Visions of past holidays, vacations, Love....Oh that one stood out more than anything. Tears start forming in his eyes, as he remembers one such memory, one of great sorrow, more a reccuring nightmare than anything as he lye on a hill overlooking a small town a boombox lye at his holster and a beautiful young lady no older than 16 lay on top in a playful mannor. a melody of songs play on the speakers, she flipped through the songs semingly lost in thought. He knew this was all wrong that sixth sense had kicked in, and not seconds after her words hit him as if someone stripped his very existance and left nothing but a shell. He drove her home silent in mind and body going barley under the legal speed limit. This such memory fell hard on his unsuspecting mind, yet he dealt with it in such infant like grace. As the lights of the terror came closer the sinking feeling of death was pungiant in the air his nose never smelt such a stagnant smell of fear.

    He knew one day he would have another chance to win her heart. Yet he would never gain that winning trophy. Only to be silenced once and for all, such a tragedy this is. He remembers thoughts of family, disney world dreams of loving hands. Warm rosey cheeks as he came in the door after a long "Hard" Day at school. Hot Chocolate in the winter to warm and mend souls of all walks. It's hard to think that so many thoughts, tragedies, and miracles can be lost in an instant. Don't you ever wonder where they float off to? As metal grazed metal it was so real to him that it was over. They found him in the wreckage grasping onto a picture of her.