• Chapter 5

    Being outside the couch was not a fun ride. It was a major difference with the wind constantly driving itself in your face and sometimes something into your mouth.


    “You ok?” the driver spoke.

    “I think I swallowed a bug.”

    The man laughed and advised me to keep my mouth closed.

    I did. I didn’t want anything else being swallowed especially if it was lethal.


    “What th….Ack”

    So much for keeping my mouth shut. Anyways, the road to Lillian was a lot bumpier and needed much maintenance.

    “Bump!” the man called as the couch thudded against the bump.

    See what I mean? Obviously we avoided the bigger bumps. The driver said that the wooden wheels wouldn’t be able to take the impact at the speed and we were going pretty fast. Then again I guess it was just me being outside the couch.

    “What’s our progress?” I asked.

    “We’re making excellent timing, sir.” The sir part was a bit weird to me but I let it slide.

    “Meaning we’re ahead of schedule?”

    The man nodded. I smiled. The faster we reached Lillian the better. I glanced through the window to check on Luna and the others. They seemed to be chatting. I looked at the driver beside me.

    “Not much of a chat, I think.”

    “Hmm? Did you say something?”

    “U-u-uh…nothing heheheh.”

    I decided that I should probably think a bit more about what exactly I’m going to do for semifinals. Of course I needed to show a bit more skill this time around. A classic was always a good one but it has been done to often. Maybe something from a famous musical would do. Only problem was I didn’t know many musicals and most pieces from the musical weren’t very difficult. If only I could do the same song over again, I’d use the hardest piece that I know of for the semifinal and the finals.


    “Ow!” I blurted out as my rear end hit the seat rather hard. I guess I was a bit zoned out in thinking, or this was a bad omen that bad things were gonna happen. Actually, the bad omen would be the spill of hot water on my clothes during the morning. The second thing, was the two horses. Both tried to kill me when I was gonna pet them and give some words of encouragement. The bump was the third thing.

    “Something is gonna happen today or soon.”


    “Wha….” The on coming branch hit me squarely on the forehead. My head dove into my hands as my fingers rubbed at the spot that the branch had hit me. I could hear the snicker of the driver. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had full control over our mobility I would have tossed him off the couch.

    I was a bit lucky. A scrap but a bruise would come up soon. I need to rest a bit. My head was throbbing from the impact. Closing my eyes for a bit and slouching in my seat would prevent further random branches smacking me in the face. For the bumps, bracing myself would have to do.

    “We should arrive in about an hour.”

    “Hmm we’re making very good time. We were suppose to arrive about an hour and a half. Good work.”

    He sneered. I really meant the ‘good work.’ I wanted to get off this thing as soon as possible and he’s making sooner. I took another glance inside the couch only to see that Luna was staring directly at me. I made a face that said ‘whoa’ which made her laugh. I wasn’t expecting that to happen. I was thinking that they would still be chatting. I ended up waving to her. She returned the wave with a bright smile.

    “We’re here.”

    “Really?” I looked forward to the see the gates of Lillian. There were two ground guards. The other guards were posted on the walls that surrounded Lillian. These were different from the normal ones that I usually see in the city. These were from the defensive military. Most of the military had armor on. I think it was the average breastplate and spear. The officers in the cities only wore a uniform and carried a beating stick…….or rather it looked like a half club.

    “Halt.” The couch came to a halt. One of the guards came up to the couch and inspected it. My assumption was that they were looking for illegal weapons or something that broke the law.

    “You may proceed.” The driver nodded to the guard. The horses trotted into the city. The city had pretty large buildings. They were at least fifty percent larger then the buildings back in Fyle, mostly in height though. The only ones that were larger in width were the smaller buildings.

    “Hey you look funny!” a kid called from the side. I stared lethally at the kid which just made him run away and go neener neener neener. At least kids were close to the same.

    “Where’s the inn we’ll be staying at?”

    “We’ll be there after a we pass a few more streets.” He made a left turn and then pointed a head. I could see what looked like an Inn.

    “Do you happen to know where the contest stage is?”

    “No I don’t.”

    “Oh well I’ll ask one of them later.” I jabbed a thumb towards the inside of the couch.

    I decided to just take in the scenery. The buildings were just like home. Modern to the time but they were colored rather nicer then in Fyle. I especially like the roadway, no bumps or branches.


    A large pang with a hint of ping echoed from my forehead. I cursed quietly to myself. Then I started to wonder why there was a pole there. I turned around to look at what was happening. Apparently, the pole was being lowered by from some of the construction that was taking place. Odd thing was that there were no ropes. Then it hit me, and I don’t mean the pole. Magic was recently discovered. So far simple spells have been transcribed. This area of research is rather difficult. I overheard that spells were based on a simple energy source. At the moment, they call it energy from nature. Basically, draw in the necessary amount and cast the spell with the will of the mind. Its apparently very difficult seeing as the mind is more applicable to tangible things.

    “We’re here.”

    “Great.” And I meant it.

    Once the horses slowed to a stop, I jumped off. My legs and arms stretched in each direction to loosen up the muscles.

    “The contest will begin tomorrow afternoon. Until then you’re free to explore the city. I suggest you don’t travel far its quite a large place.”

    “I know, I know. Where is it held?”

    “Where else? The city theater.”

    “I’m guessing it’s big.”

    “Only the finest in the nation of Siln.”

    “Anyways, let’s unpack.”

    I hurried to retrieve my luggage.

    “Bou” I looked up to see Luna calling me.

    “Yeah, what’s up?” she gave me a weird look and then looked upwards. “Er….I mean what do you need?”

    She quickly looked back towards me. “After we unpack lets explore the city together.”

    “Um…sure” She gave me a smile and grabbed her luggage. We both headed inside to were one of the judges had already gotten the rooms.

    “The rooms are to down the hall and to your right.” He pointed to the left of us and gave us a key so we could enter the room.

    “Same setup as last time?”

    “I beg your pardon?”

    “Um I’m guessing my mentor, Luna, and I are sleeping in the same room?”

    “Yes.” He nodded.

    “What about you and the others?”

    “Oh our job is finished. All that’s left to do is tell you where the theater is……which just down the street, can’t miss it.” He started to walk out of the building. “By the way, there’s piano in there.” I made a mental note to myself to check the entrance of the theater.

    The room was easily found and also entering it was to. The beds were in a nice and neat order. I counted three and recounted to make sure I had a bed to sleep on that night. Then and placed my hands together and thanked the heavens in a pray.

    “Well choose a bed.”

    “Um, which one are you going to sleep in?” She seemed to not know which one to choose. I didn’t want her to sleep next to my teacher, so I tossed my things onto the center bed.

    “That one” I said rather blankly. She eventually choose the one that was to the right of it. She then turned towards me and blushed.

    “Could you stand outside?”

    “Um ok” I blinked I wasn’t sure what she was doing but I evidently walked outside closing the door behind me. After a few moments, my ears caught her voice telling me I could enter. She had changed into a similar dress, but the colors was a darker blue, no sash like ribbon, and her shoulders were bare. Her hair was tied with a scrunchie, letting a single bang fall to the side of her face. I think she was waiting for me to comment on her no outfit.

    “Um, you look nice.” I finally managed to get out.

    She smiled happily and ran forward taking my hand. “Let’s go see the city.” She took off dragging me along with her.

    There’s was one thing I happen to notice as I was being dragged out. It was just a small feeling that I was forgetting something. Something that should be taken into caution.