• I knew something was up as soon as I saw the principal outside my biology room. Inever once took my eye's off him as he rapped lightly on the door and asked the teacher if he could speak with a student.

    lucky, lucky me.

    As I followed Mr. Daughning down the hall, I suddenly reralized the plice behind me. I haden't seen them before by the door...but i didn't do anything this time.

    Before now it today was actually a good day. I got a 96 on my calculus quiz, and got the main solo for our school's bing choir event. I was looking forward to biology...we were going to slice stuff up.

    'we' as in not me,apperently.

    As we entered the principal's office I saw officer Hale there with a picture of my mom.

    Guess i wasn't having a good day anymore huh?

    Mom was in the hospital...she has multipul stab wounds, 4 broken ribs, and blood was filling her lungs. Someone had attacked her when she was at home. She was still in the ER when i got there... I wasn't even able to see her...which i guess it ok. I wouldn't have liked it anyways...it'd be too painful to see her so fragile...so lifeless. Nurse's came and went each one with their own gossip and concern's. None of which bothered me, I knew everyone on the hospital staff, even the interns. I was here so often that it became nessicary for me to learn everyones names...

    Unfortunatly I was a wreck... Mom was and is my only family in this whole world. Dad was Murdered and died when I was 7... i remember it all so clearly its like a bad dream you can't wake up from. No matter how much trouble I got in or what I did mom always gave me that "what-am-I-going-to-do-with-you" smile and her tearfilled eyes...but now? Now what would I do? I'd die without mom, she's what keeps me going every day...how would i survive without her?

    Mom came out of the ER and was stable but far from ok. She may not last the night, Dr. Nore told me i should stay with her...just in case she doesn't make it.
    I spent a majority of the night crying but soon I feel asleep...

    I woke to find the room door closed, probubly a nurse. But as I start to sit up i heard something....acctually someone,"Luna." Came the sweet voice." You love your mother don't you? What would you say if I said I was able to save her?"

    Call you a dirty liar....dirty liar...

    " What would you do if I could?" It asked again. Looking at mom i whipered,"Anything..." A tear drop hit my knee as I said it. I heard a low chuckle and then everything went black...