• "YOU BASTARDS!" screamed Nelly to Mark and Jhonny, "Don't you know how to make a fire?"

    They had beed lost at an island for months already, and they didn't have anything. Nelly was planning to leave the island and leave Mark and Jhonny there... but she needed a plan first. Jhonny was almost dying; he had hypothermia.

    Three days had passed, Jhonny had died, so she was rid of that problem. Now, she had thought of throwing Mark in the fire, and she kept that idea deep in her mind. "Mark would you be so kind to go and look for some berries to eat?" said Nelly.

    "Are you crazy? Iwould never go and look fo berries (for you that is), your and ugly b***h and would ratherly see you die!" replied Mark.

    As Mark stood up in front of the fire, Nelly said," You assole, your gonna pay for this!" She threw him into the fire. She regreted it, now she couldn't scape from the island. Eventually, some days later she died.