• You've just gotten the world's worst haircut, but I had to say it looked good; although it wasn't. You then bought yourself a hat with MY $20 bill at Hat 'O' Rama; a store full of wacky hats. You bought yourself a fuschia hat with tons of sparkleson it. You put it on and that made me think the hat looked better than your haircut.

    You drove me to your house and we had dinner with your parents and your brother that was gothic. Your parents were looking at your hat and they were giggling at the same time. Your mom asked you what your new haircut looked like, so you took off your hat and it revealed your bald head with only 3 strands of hair sticking out of it! Your parents and your gothic brother that rarely laughs actually started laughing at you! You felt so sad and mad at the same time that you got out of your chair and started to run up to your room. Alone.

    You still hear everyone cracking up, including me, and you said to yourself " I'm never going to Barney the Barber again!!" You must have been sure that we all heard you say that , but that didn't matter to you. You used to heart Barney until he gave you your haricut with the 3 strands of hair sticking out, but now you hate him.