• "Violet what are you doing?" My friend Chelsey asked leaning over my shoulder. I closed the not pad I had been hunched over and looked up at her. "Nothing Chells. Just some homework." I lied. "Okay," she said hesitantly pulling me up off the grass. "But either way you need to come with me!" She started running across the grass feild of the park we were at. "Why?" I moaned. I wanted to write in my notebook some more. It was really the only way I could express myself. My friends all saw me as the happy perky girl who was bubbly all the time and always good for a laugh. But really on the inside, I was a lonely girl who really didn't feel like doing the whole happy crap but didn't have a choice. I had people who looked up to me and leaned on me for support. If I showed everyone what the real me is like, not only would I be forced to get MAJOR therapy, but I'd probably be commited. So writing was my way to get it out a bit. To get rid of some of the pain and insanity to make it easier to appear normal...ish.

    Chelsey snapped me out of my reverie. "Because some one is waiting for you over there!" She stopped and pointed to a figure on the other side of the feild behind the fence. I squinted at the figure for a moment, gasped, then began a frantic sprint to the fence. "SCARLET!! SCARLET!!" I screamed as I ran. Scarlet was the best friend I could ever have. She was better than a sister and up until this moment I hadn't seen her in two years because she had moved to Canada. She was the only one who knew the real me and absolutely loved me for it. We together was sort of creepy though...to others. I got to the fence and climbed over it in about two seconds and all but smothered her in a hug. "Violet! Oh my gosh I missed you!! I love you!" She screached in my ear. I kissed her and said, "I love you too Scarlet! Oh my gosh I can't believe you are here! Yay!" We broke apart and smiled at each other. Chelsey was standing on the other side of the fence laughing her head off. Chelsey nodded to where I had been sitting. "So what were you doing over there?" She asked with an edge to her voice. She knew. "I was doing homework." I told her. It was our secret code. "Vampires and demons or chocolates and roses?" She asked. I shook my head. "It's gotten worse again. Rainbows and kittens." She just about crumbled in tears. She jumped on me and wrapped her legs around my hips and hugged me really tightly. "Oh I'm so so sorry!" She kissed me. See what I mean about the creepy thing? We are both straight we just get each other so well that we don't care. The code was that whenever I said homework it ment I was expressing myself. And the worse things you said the better I was feeling. The nicer the things were, the worse I was feeling. Rainbows and kittens was basically I suicide statement.

    "Well this should cheer you up!" She exclaimed. "I'm moving back!! My parents are loading furniture into our new house right at this moment!" For a second I was stunned. Then I jumped up and down, (she was extremely light), and spun around screaming. She jumped down. "Can I look over your homework for mistakes?" She whispered. I shook my head. It wasn't finished yet. "Okay." She said understandingly. I loved Scarlet so much. She was like my other half. The twin I never had. And now with school over, we had all summer to catch up and have fun and help each other out. Hopefully this summer my depression issues would start to fade again. Hopefully.

    "So are you out on probation yet?" Scarlet asked. I could see she had a hidden agenda. She wanted to know if school was out for a reason. "Yeah and I have no attending officer." I answered knowing that would make her happy. This summer I was 16 and I had no curfue or anything.
    "Then let's go swimming in my new pool!!" She exclaimed. I screamed, then remembered Chelsey, "Want to come?" I turned to see her lying on the grass all but dying from laughter. "N-no y-y-you guys g-go. C-catch up." She managed to gasp out. Me and Scarlet laughed. "Okay." We said together. Scarlet grabbed my hand and started dragging me at full speed down the side walk to, where I guessed, her new house was.