• Ch.4 The Mysterious Teak Tree
    We were almost there, our new home. I had a mixture of feelings that could never match, like excitement, sadness, and fear of what lay ahead of us.
    We arrived at a tree. The tree’s near the leaf village were oak tree’s. This tree, however, was an unbelievably large teak tree. The biggest one I had ever seen.
    Teak trees are used to make ships and to make furniture. I know this, because our old furniture was all made out of teak trees.
    “I’ve never seen a teak tree that big!” I examined the tree to look for the mark. I was about to give up searching when I saw the mark! It was on a root that was amazingly tiny, but the mark covered two roots of the tree, a medium one, and a tiny one.
    “Look, its the passage way!” I uttered.
    “Your right! I guess we should try to open it.” First Shioh leaped off Beauty then walked to the mark on the tree. She turned around with an annoyed expression on her face.
    “Are you coming or not?” She said. So I jumped off Beauty and ran over to her, and said,
    “It looks as though it hasn’t been openek in years.”
    “Opened Nishato! Opened! gosh.”
    “ Sorry, I’m not good at my d’s!” I uttered.
    “Wait, how do you know it hasn’t been opened in ages?”
    “Well...” I actually had no idea how I knew it was ancient.
    “Lets just open it k?” I said.
    “Fine should I do it, or should you do the honers of opening it?”
    “I guess I shouldd ddo it.” I stuttered.
    “Finally, you said it right! Well, go on open it!”
    I did the code my parents had told me. The teak tree hurt my head, it was as hard as a rots( rots means rocks in Dutch). After I finished the code we heard a low rumble,
    In the leaf village.
    “Hm, wonder what that was I MUST FIND OUT WHAT SHE WILL SAY TO HIM!” Exclaimed Kakashi Hatake.
    Back to us.
    “What was that!” Shioh said!
    Beauty was perfectly calm, it seemed as if she was as normal as ever. Then the door opened with a thunderous creak that pierced our ears. Beauty again didn’t hear the noise.
    “How come she can’t hear anything, but we can!?” I said.
    “Well, I don’t kno...” She cut off her sentence, and was staring at the tree. I also looked at the door.
    There were cob webs and stalagmites all over the glistening cave walls. The cave was more like a long passage way. It shone in the beauty of new guests it hadn’t had in years.
    The sun was at an angle where the sunlight shone into the passage way that hit a piece of hanging glass. There were multiple pieces of glass that all reflected the sunlight, which made an image of a rainbow on one of the sides of the cave walls.
    “Its beautiful, better than I had ever imagined it being.” I murmured. What I had imagined was all kinds of gross bugs, with millions of billions of spider webs.
    “Well lets not wait, I want to see more of this cave!” Shioh said.
    We walked inside with Beauty being able to fit with her tail right behind us into the beautiful cave my parents had created.