• I opened my eyes, and found my book on my head. "...." I said. I got up, and then I realized that I slept in my tube top and jeans. At least I never worn them... But how did I get them on? I tried to remember how I got my cloths on, but my memory pooped out on me. The only thing I remember was the day I was born until the last dream the day before yesterday. And the prom. I took the book off my head. Then I book-marked it with my Edward bookmark. I placed it on the desk where my lamp stood. I got up, set my bed, and then looked around. My bedroom has changed, and so have I. I got to change my bedroom like Edward's was. I had Edward posters, and my bed grew longer. My bed blanket is now a blanket of Edward, and I have that same chair my dream had. I luckily bought that last one before they went gone forever. I was and still glad that I am older. I have now have 2 pets in my room. I have a kitten, and a hamster. I had my own laptop. I had all 4 books of Twilight, and still reading the first one. I had my own desk where I could do my homework, draw, write stories, write letters, cards, whatever. My backround of my computer is Edward. I take my silver iPod Shuffle, with my headphones, and turn it on. I put on "Gives You Hell." I sing to myself as I go downstairs. When I reached the botton, I stared, and stopped. I dropped my iPod, but my headphones were strong enough to hold the iPod without fully falling or being unplugged. I had a flashback, but I didn't do it.
    My flashback had Edward. He smiled at me like he did the day before yesterday, then he was gone. I was in total blackness. The blackness turned into a hospital hallway. I blankly started to walk down my right. I looked at each names on the name tags of who's in the room. I turned, and was surpirsed. My mother, Laura, was in one of those rooms. I quietly put my ear agaisnt the door, and it was closed. I heard weird noises. The door opened, and I found myself on the wall, trying to hide from whoever opened it. It was a nurse. I peeked in, not letting anyone see myself, and I saw my mother lying on a bed. I saw her with someone in her hands. I couldn't see who because the blanket was blocking most of the face. I could see the blanket, and it looked exactly like mine when I was born. When my mom's face turned towards me, I backed myself and my face away. I realized that the blanket was mine, but it was smaller. I opened the door. Nothing happened. No one heard anything, or saw me. Weird... I thought. I came over where I could see the face of the thing. When I got there, the face and everything was gone.
    I shook my head to snap out of it. I pulled my iPod back up. Ok...Ok...I'm 18, right? Good. I said to myself. I looked at my left, where my hand half burned, saw a little boy. "Mom!" I yelled.
    "Yes, he is your brother, Bella." mother said. "His name is Edward." she continued. She smiled at me, and I looked at Edward. "There's no room for him to sleep. Where would he sleep?" I asked. "Oh, well, I decided that I should only put his crib in your room. Besides, you know how to take care of babies, don't you?" Laura said. I did. I learned how to take care of girl babies, not boy babies. I don't know how to react with his p***s area. Oh ya, thats right, all babies has penises. Duh! "Uhh, yea, I do." I said nervously. His eyes looked honey, just like Edwards... Maybe he has Edward's soul in him? Edward's cute eyes looked at me, and he smiled at me for the first time. I then heard a whisper. Don't worry, silly. I will give you guidence to take care of Edward... It sounded just like Edward... I turned around, and nothing was there.
    I had a dream...
    I saw Edward. I was in bed. He was hugging me. I closed my eyes. I cried. "I missed you, Edward." I said. In my mind, I knew he said, Wow, she's has grown since I've seen her 5 years ago. "I did, too, Bella." he replied. He kissed my hair. I turned to face him, and I hugged him, burying my head into his chest. I buried my head more into his chest. He smiled. He started to rake and rub his hands down my back and hair. I then felt really tired. I tried to kiss him, buy my face was jammed into his chest, my lips wouldn't allow it. I let my head out, and I kissed him in the cheecks. I blushed really badly, then the whole vision left, and I was crying, scared as the vision went black.
    I hadn't fully woken yet. This time, I had a very messed up dream, and I half liked it.
    I lay half naked on the floor. I had my pants on, but my shirt and bra was thrown off by someone. I was blushing, and lied on my breasts, not to show anyone. Then someone quickly came in. I didn't know who because I closed my eyes. He turned me around, and lied me flat. He let my hands go flat as well. "Hello, love." he said. I couldn't tell who it was, it was a unfimaliar voice, and that caused me to say, "Get off me, who are you? I don't even know you!" I yelled. He wasn't shocked that I yelled. "Get off me." I said, crying and sobbing. He ignored me, and ran his fingers to my lips, and through my breasts. I kept squriming, and trying to kick and punch him. But my hands were trapped, and I could only move my legs. Then I heard a force of a powerful punch on the guy ontop of me. I opened my eyes, and there stand my lover, Edward, smiling at me. He looked back at the guy, and said, "Stay away from her, Jacob." he said. I gasped quietly. Jacob?! I wondered, mouth open. I sat up, and put my tube top back on, my bra was gone. I got on fight position with Edward. Edward smiled at me, then gave Jacob his evil smile. I just stood there, straight, knowing Jacob was going after me, not Edward. And I was right. Jacob did. When Jacob was almost 1 inch from me, I moved behind him, and I said, "Hi, Perverter." and I punched him fast and hard. Jacob went flying to the ground, and then he turned into a wolf. Edward and I went together, and Jacob howled in the air. He looked down at us, and came charging at us. Edward knew what I wanted to do, so I yelled, "Edward, now!" He took my feet, and flung me in the air, and he started running up to where I was. He caught me, and Jacob was right infront of us. He swung me, and kept swining me, and I put my sharp claws out, and I scractched him hard and fast. Edward stopped spinning me, and we were back together again, and then, at the same time, Edward and I flung ourselves to Jacob. It was amazing. At the end. I found Edward and I sitting Jacob (we had given much force in our feet to kill him.), and I hugged Edward. He smiled, and so did I. I cried and sobbed.
    "I love you, Edward."