• Part Two~A New Title!~

    When I woke up again, I had forgotten everything from the previous day, and was scared senseless.Where was I?I got up and looked around, only seeing a small room that was made entirely of cold hard stones.I began to question how I even fell asleep, judging the hardness of these stones.
    There was a small table, 'Oh, great,' I thought,'I'd much rather beat my head to die of blood loss on a hard metal table than on these col blocks.Thank you.'
    I looked around for anything resembling a door and finally noticed a small metal plate probably for pushing.I attempted to get up and open the almost invisible door, but found my legs where immoble.I looked down, but they weren't restrained...Was it something that boy told me?I couldn't remember any of it...
    Lost in thought, I heard the sound of the door opening up.In walked the cloaked figure that was definitely the boy I'd seen.He looked at me, amazed and said,"You were only asleep for TWO days! Remarkable! Most of us were out for a week and a half!You MUST be the heir to our empire!"
    I only stared at him.Two days...?
    What?No!What would Grandmother think?
    I grabbed his shirt, and attempted to talk, but before I could move my mouth, I noticed I couldn't.
    I tried to feel my lips, but something was on them...Then I figured it out,
    Stitches!?They STICHED my mouth shut!I pulled the young boy forward and pulled at his hair, wanting to inflict as much pain as possible without moving so much, because everything was numb.
    Between 'Ow!'s he tried to explain my situtation, so I stopped ripping out his hair from the roots, also because I could get a clear look at his face, now that his hood had fallen off, due to my vicous assault."Your the fiestiest one yet,"He grumbled, then continued, "We had to stitch your mouth so you wouldn't talk.That might ruin the process.We also had to immobilize you, but it never reached past the legs...Incredible.You might just make history."
    He looked at me, apprieciating my desprate posture.Then he shook it off and continued,"But, now that you're awake, we have to move on, you are going to get control back, and those stitches off, but we're going to have to knock you out again, also, you will never look the same after this." Before I could absorb all of this, he put a needle to my skin, which was undoubtedly the sleep medication.

    I woke up again, actually remebering what he said this time, looked down and saw my newly reformed body in a mirror across a normal-looking hospital room.Pale skin. Grey eyes, black hair.I looked like I hadn't slept in four years, and all the happiness that shone in my facial expression now withered like an old prune.I was renewed, a new being.Would I ever return to my home,
    and even if I did, I didn't want to look like this...I made a grumpy expression, something that hadn't changed, and thought 'Grandmother's going to yell at me for looking so punk-ish.UGH.'