• Being a natural born citizen here near the coastal town, Lindsy and the gang never worry about anything else. Yes, true enough their beloved coastal city is small and under developed but they hoped that someday it will be known for its enchanting beauty.

    Today is the celebration of the 3rd year anniversary of their 'gang' as they call it. No, they are not mobsters and they don't consider themselves as that. They are just a group of young people bounded by an affinity and besides they like the sound of the word 'gang' for that matter because it sounds tough.

    Lindsy, Peter, Mike, James, Melody and Grey are the only members of their gang. They have been friends since grade school and have steadily bonded with one another for years. Though they’ve had their rougher times in the past, their friendship have endured hardship that made them grow not apart but instead grow closer to one another.

    Today is Lindsy's 17th birthday as well as their gang's anniversary, a double celebration so they decided to celebrate it in a cove. Bringing foods and drinks(non-alcoholic or slightly alcoholic since Mike brought red wine which he said was OK since it's Lindsy's birthday). The fun went on for some time till they heard a splash near by, a sound made by an object or by someone who dropped into the water.

    Lindsy caught a glimpse of a silhouette of a man that fell unto the sea. Alarmed by the event, she rushed over to see if whoever it was that fell would resurface safely. The waters on this side of the coast was known to be treacherous and unforgiving, it had claimed so many life in the past, especially strangers that knows no respect for the power of Mother Nature. She was momentarily stunned as she saw a hand flail up reaching for something to grab hold and then sunk back again into the darkness of the cold waters, in an extinct she knew that whoever fell must be in trouble. Running to the edge of the rocky coast and without hesitation she plunged unto the water icy water.

    Reaching out she grabbed hold his hands and with all her strength that she didn’t knew was possible she dragged him till they both resurface. She grasped for air as her face was touched by the prevailing winds, she breathed out a prayer thankful she's still alive. Grey and Peter rushed over to help her and laid the unconscious man by the beach and Melody checked for pulse.

    "He's OK he just drank too much salt water," said Melody. "I think he needs CPR. Well, who's going to do it?" looking around and the guys in their small group clearly don’t want to do it as they looked at one another.

    Lindsy moved over closer as she draws another breath to loosen her stiff nerves."I'll do it. Well since none of you guys wants to," she reached his head and tilts it upwards. Bending down as she draws her face closer to his slowly breathes into his mouth twice as Melody checked for pulse. As Lindsy raised her head the guy she saved coughed out the water and audibly gasped for air. She was thankful for at that moment and audibly sighed relief.