• She sat there troubled that she couldn’t figure out who was calling her. Then she heard it, loud and clear. TSUKYO! The voice screamed. Turnip! She frantically thought. She stood there with the surprised look on her face. "I found him!” Embry looked at her for a second the finally said "I’m coming with you" Tsukyo faced him "Embry no you’re drunk you say here."
    She let herself disappear into a bunch of tiny blue orbs. She could feel her self coming solid again but at a different destination. But she wasn’t alone. Another figure clung to her as she became tangible. "EMBRY!" Embry simply looked up and smiled. "Damn it! Stay here!" she screamed at him.
    Turnip was in the room just up ahead. She could sense him as well as another presences . . . she shivered Constantine. She may have to face him to save the one she loved. Or did she? She had never really gotten over the one before...
    She didn’t care she ran between the two cave walls and came upon a clearing. Just in front of her there was Constantine, his back turned to her. She looked passed him for just a second only to see Turnip tied to a chair with a cloth in his mouth and a blindfold over his eyes. Rage surged from deep in side as she let out a strong confident voice. "Let him go Tina! This isn’t funny anymore!" she hoped he would take her seriously.
    Constantine stood there with his scythe standing in his hand. "Not funny?" he said in a puzzled yet amused voice. "No . . ." his voice was now stern. “I’LL SHOW YOU WHATS FUNNY!" he yelled through gritted teeth. Within the same instant he swung around, holding his scythe, as the end of it went around Tsukyo's body and plunged through her stomache on the other side. Blood instantly swelled from the wound as well as the blood that she spit up. Constantine, emotionless, pulled out the scythe. Tsukyo fell hard to her knees with her hands to her side as her face slammed hard against the cold rock beneath her. Constantine just smiled a he turned around.
    She just sat there wondering if this was the end. She looked up watching Constantine making his way over to turnip. No. . . . I can’t just abandon him like this. . . . She slowly pulled her self to her knees. Then she heaved herself up to a standing position though still leaning hard against the rock she had used to pull herself up. She deliberately made a noise to get his attention, to exhausted to say his name. He turned around and with a bit of amusement “You don’t give up do you?" "After all the time we've spent together you should know” she let her thought wander back to a couple years ago to when she had first met Constantine . . . well it wasn’t the first time. About a month before he had killed her brother causing him to forget about the both of them she had forgot all the horrible things he had done . . . and he had fallen madly in love with him. Even when he had told her that he was the Angel of Death it still didn’t scare her. But now there she stood about to die, more afraid of him then she ever was.
    He looked at her with a look of amusement as he swung his arm out. She felt her whole body being flung at a wall. Then again and again. It was Constantine . . . she had seen him do this to Embry before, though not so violent. Every time her body hit the stone wall she felt bones crack. Even if she did make it out of this alive, she would wish she were dead. She felt the mystical force lift her up once more and slam her body against the sharp rocks jutting out from the top of the cave. She let out a piercing scream as she felt the stone stab through her flesh. Then she felt the force leave, and she fell again to the hard stone beneath her. He felt like she had dies but was still conscience. Though conscience as she may be, she couldn’t move. Constantine glared at her from above. She turned her head as best as she could to look up at him. She summoned every last ounce of her strength to ask him one last question. “Why?" Constantine looked at her with a look of amusement as he said to her what he had said many times before "well I had to kill some one today, didn’t I?" she felt like crying although there was no used. She was hurt the one she had once love was now about to slaughter her. She closed her eyes as she knew that the next time she opened them there would be nothing but devastation around her as she would awake in hell.