• The world was once beautiful...a land of green and blue skies. This is only a fading memory on those who exist on this dying planet. A disease ravaged the people of this world and most died. Soon the Earth's plants died and shrivled. Grass died as well leaving the ground bare and grey. The skies clouded with dark storm clouds. The sun does not shine any longer...The once beautiful place...Dead...

    A girl wandered through the unforgiving storm, wearing a cloak and a scarf covering her nose and mouth. She had black hair with purple highlights and yellow eyes. Under the cloak she wore a long sleeve black shirt and jeans. On her right ear she had an earring with a smiling cat. "Yoko where are you??" A feminine voice over the com unit in her left ear said. "I'm at the eastern end of Europe. Germany I think. It's dead too. No survivers." The girl replied. "Well get back to the headquarters. Kimi needs your report and Now!" the voice said again. Yoko sighed and walked off through the storm.

    An hour later she entered a large black building through the sealed door in the front and took the scarf off. "Well I'm here. What is it?" Yoko said in an annoyed tone. A girl with red hair looked over at her friend. "You know staying out there too long is bad!" She shouted. "I know I know. Now what's Kimi want?" Yoko said. "Did you find any survivers?" A girl with auburn said, her arms crossed. "No just dead like everything else on this rock." Yoko replied. The girl known as Kimi sighed and sat back in a chair in front of a computer. "At this rate there'll be nothing left. We're lucky we're alive." She said. The two other girls nodded in agreement.

    The three had been living on the dead planet for 11 years now. They were all 14 years old and we're the only ones, they know of, that were still alive on the planet. Everyone else had either died or were dying of the still lingering disease. They were trying to figure out a way to bring life back to the planet but so far nothing came to them.