• There once roamed a warrior, which was the greatest warrior in the world, his name was Hathereo. He fought in wars at least once every week. He showed the entire world his might and strength. He accepted anyone's challenge, and he always won. The least damage he could receive was a minor injury. He lived a life of blood, and the life of the sword. One day, a warrior came up to him, and said, "I challenge you!" So he accepted this challenge, but he for the first time, he looked scared to fight this warrior. This warrior looked just like Hathereo, and moved just like him. It was like looking at a mirror, and facing himself. Hathereo took up his sword showing no fear to his opponent and said,"You have challenged me, and now you will die!" So the battle went on.

    * Hathereo strikes to the head, and the warrior blocks*
    *The warrior counter attacks by striking the head too, and Hathereo blocks*
    The ones watching the battle said,"Is this a trick or a curse? They're doing the same moves. Its like looking at a mirror"
    *2 hours later, the warriors were still fighting, and no damage was yet done, but both of them were exhausted*

    ~Hathereo: Are you tired? I'm not! I will strike you down if you are tired!~
    ~The warrior: You fight just like me, and I fight just like you. I even look like you. I'm not tired~
    ~Hathereo: Then if you are not tired I will strike anyway. We might look alike, and have the same moves as me, which I consider impossible, but I am ready to kill you!~

    *Hathereo strikes to the warrior's leg, at the same time the warrior strikes Hathereo's leg*

    This was the first time Hathereo was badly injured. This warrior seemed to be an even match, until 4 hours into the fight, the warrior slipped, and Hathereo killed him. Then when Hathereo looked at the dead body he saw himself lying dead there. Hathereo looked away and kept going, wondering who was that warrior, what was his name, and how could he copy all his moves. Then a witch passed by and put her hand on the dead warriors head. She sensed the connection between both of them was... that they were twins. So then she looked for Hathereo, and brought him the dead body, and Hathereo said," WHAT!? This cannot be!!! He was my twin?!?!" Then the brother weeped, and cried, for he had killed his own twin brother. He was buried along with Hathereo's sword, as a memory of the twin he never knew...

    The End