• im sitting alone in my room listening to music and reading the newest deathnote book when i begin to hear strange noises. i look up bored and to my surprise i see a former soviet soldier standing in front of me. he doesnt talk only looks angry and points at my bedroom window. gotta admit i was a little freaked out but i shook it off and went to sleep. this was just the start of a string of wierd events

    the next day came and i sat up to see a little boy staring me directly in the face, only his clothes didnt belong in this era. he points to the closet and tries to talk but like the other he cannot. going downstairs my mom looks scared and doesnt say a word through breakfast. almost as if she had seen a ghost, i wondered if thats what this really all was. i go back up to my room thinking " thank god its summer break!" and relax on my bed. more people were in my room when i looked but they stopped worrying me now, in fact they bored me a bit.

    my mistake was leaving them alone too long. you know how they say that your sleeping with the fishes well im sleeping with the ghosts now. literally, i watched my own funeral last night and now i cant talk and can only watch over the house where i once lived, and my family that i once loved.