• late one night i awoke to a loud thundourus crash it was coming from the basement. i went down stairs to find my father standing in front of a swirling blue vortex. he turned around and then i saw it. hey im alex calo aka dark-x.yeah about before.......sorry i got a little a head of myself.my parents own calo corps the leading industry in science and medicine.me, my dad and sean (my little brother) have lived alone for 6 years since my mother died of cancer.(which we hope to find a cure for)and ever since she passed my dad spent hours upon hours in the basement building somthing.and then that night i found out what.he turned around and i saw it. something came from the vortex and grabed him it was ...............me.i ran after him and as i entered the vortex it exploded.i was sent into a never ending cycle and in that vortex my dna was cominded with my dark matter clone. that was when i was twelve.now im 21 and in control of calo corps in the year 2025.this is a different world. now crime controls the strreets and the police act on a pre paid card. in a world with no law no rules and no justice a savior is needed.