• Demetri's Point of view

    INDENTI slammed my fist into the skull of a zombie, taking out all of my anger and frustration on the insignificant scum of a life form. Why had Rhonda, my boss and C.E.O. of K.O.T.S, the dumbest-smart person on the face of this planet partnered me with the dumbest person, Bridget? Sure, Bridget could aim with any pistol and never miss, but that didn’t excuse her insanity and lack of any conscious thought. I threw the dismembered carcass of the zombie into a ditch, pored gasoline onto it and lit it on fire. I watched as the speckles of rainbow colored flames danced around the ditch, some of them burning my skin. It is not as if I don’t feel pain, it is just not as painful to me as it is to a human, a human such as Kelly. I sighed, would I ever be able to entrust her in my deepest secret? If so, how would I tell her, “Oh by the way, I’m a 321-year-old vampire who works for a company (K.O.T.S) whose initials stand for killing of the super natural?”
    INDENT I chuckled in spite of myself that was the way Bridget handled difficult news no “candy coating.” Bridget was truly the most honest person I knew. I cringed, was I actually thinking something positive about the planet’s least tolerable person? I shook my head, hoping all positive thoughts toward Bridget would escape my mind. I thought on the optimistic side that was the only positive part about Bridget. Thinking of Bridget always gave me a headache, so I thought of Kelly instead.
    INDENTI remembered my mission, mostly personal, but part professional. I would protect Kelly, and Bridget would back me up in sniping range. If I couldn’t kill zombies in public, Bridget could. I cursed under my breath, why did Bridget have to be so damn good with a pistol? I shrugged off any thoughts about Bridget; I would only have to send her a text message-no personal confrontation. I liked this mission. I continued with optimistic thoughts about the mission, maybe Bridget would fall off a building or a tree. I stepped outside, hoping for a cloudy day, only to find the sun shining brightly in my face. I groaned I was more of a dark color and cloudy day person.
    INDENTI went on, regardless of the non pleasant day outside. I glanced in all directions, making sure there were no witnesses and sprinted as fast as I could, with inhuman speeds, to my bus stop. When I was at the corner about fifteen yards away from Kelly, I decided to surprise her. I lightly jumped on her and covered her eyes while she was turned around.
    INDENT“Guess who,” I said, even though she knew that it was me.
    INDENTShe turned around to face me; I was relieved to know that she had not changed over the summer. Her strawberry blonde hair was just as light and her beautiful emerald eyes still gleamed with excitement every time she saw me. I smiled and pulled her to me, embracing her tightly. I let go and she still clung to me for a second longer, her face turned a tempting scarlet red. I tried not to think about the taste of the blood, and focused more on the expression of her face. Of course she had to ruin the pleasantness of the moment by asking about my summer.
    INDENT“I missed you over the summer, where were you?”
    INDENTI pondered on an answer for that question, I shouted internally, “Killing zombies to protect you.” What would I say?
    Finally, I thought of the perfect answer, “I had something to take care of.”
    INDENTI could see the curiosity burn in her eyes, “Like what?”
    INDENT My conscious screamed at me, “Killing Zombies.” I looked around, hoping that this poor human girl would drop the subject, as usual, she didn’t.
    INDENT“Do not try and change the subject, I want to know what you did.”
    INDENTI shrugged it off, ignoring all conscious thought like Bridget did, “I might tell you later,” I motioned with my chin down the road, “The bus is here.”
    INDENT Crap, I might have well of stamped ‘I’m a vampire!’ on my forehead, normal humans didn’t hear or see a bus from two miles away. When the bus came, she looked at me in shock, great, another explanation was due. I sighed and helped Kelly on the bus. My head started spinning as I saw the kid in seat in thirteen. That was not an ill looking boy, as most humans thought he was. Instead, he was a poorly disguised zombie. Kelly being an utterly clueless human being, wanted to go sit next to the scum. I pushed her into the lap of a boy and sat next to the zombie, this was going to be a long bus ride.
    INDENTI clenched my fists as restraints, oh how I wanted to dismember him limb from limb. My body shook in anticipation; it too was ready for the deadly blow.
    I glared at the floor, wishing that the humans would not look or care, so I could destroy the jerk. I was snapped out of my fixation when Kelly’s hand rested on my arm. I looked into her eyes with a hint of sadness. I couldn't protect her in public, and I now had to depend on my useless partner.