• INDENT It was the first day of high school and already nervous enough, I couldn’t help feeling that something bad was going to happen. I tried to calm myself down, what was the probability of something going wrong? I relaxed, the worst case scenario was me tripping or saying something really stupid. “I will trip or say something stupid today, maybe even both, but nothing bad will happen today,” I chanted softly to myself. I looked around, nobody at my bus stop seemed to notice me talking to myself, I sighed in relief. I watched people chat casually and wondered where my friend was, I missed him terribly. Just then, somebody jumped on me from behind and covered my eyes.
    INDENT“Guess who,” said my best and only friend.
    INDENT“Demetri,” I shrieked and turned around to see his gorgeous blue-grey eyes light up in excitement. He smiled widely, showing all of his pearly white teeth and squeezed me into a tight hug. I hugged him back, snuggling into him for a little too long. I let go, my face turned scarlet red. He chuckled and elbowed me playfully.
    INDENTI elbowed him back, “I missed you over the summer, where were you?”
    INDENTHe hesitated and frowned, “I had something to take care of.”
    INDENTCuriosity burned through me, “Like what?”
    INDENTDemetri looked around as if he were thinking of what to say next, but I knew him better that that.“Do not try and change the subject, I want to know what you did.”
    INDENTHe shrugged. “I might tell you later,” he motioned down the road, “The bus is here.”
    INDENTI squinted, and tried to see the bus, but saw nothing. “I don’t see or hear……”
    A second later I saw the bus coming down the road at blazing speeds of twenty miles an hour.
    INDENTI stared at him in amazement, “How did you do that?”
    INDENTDemetri, as usual, pretended not to hear me. I hesitated at the door, contemplating on when I would ask Demetri again. He guided me up the stairs, trying to discreetly shove me up them. We handed the bus driver, a heavy set middle aged man, our passes and walked forward, but he stopped us.
    INDENTHe spoke in a grouchy voice, “Three to a seat people, this is a full bus.”
    INDENTDemetri and I heaved a sigh, and began to look for a seat. I scanned the seats until my eyes rested on seat thirteen. In it, sat a frail, and extremely pale boy. He smiled at me, slightly creepy, but I returned the smile and went to go sit next to him. Demetri pushed me out of the aisle and into the lap of an irritated boy in seat twelve. Demetri took a seat by the frail boy in seat thirteen and motioned for me to join him. I got up from the lap of the boy in seat twelve and sat next to Demetri. I glared at him, but he wasn’t paying attention, his fists were clenched. He was shaking from head to toe, and his eyes were full of pure hatred.