• I knock on Melissa's front door. When the door opens it's Melissa's mom. She has circles under her eyes. " Is Melissa home ? "

    " No she never came home last night, "

    " What ? "

    " Ya , We figured she was at your house. "

    " Oh , well she wasn't . I don't know where she is "

    " Oh " Melissa's mom looks really worried.

    " I will go look for her if you want "

    " Thank you Tyler "

    If I was Melissa where would I go. Last time I saw her she was heading towards her house but she must have decided to go somewheres else. But where. That is the real question. Where does Melissa go when she needs some time by herself. And even if she needed time by herself she would go home after. This isn't like her. It isn't like her at all.