• The first dream was of a god, the features of it weren’t quite clear. All I know is that the god was a male. Then I meet you, and you became my god, you were everything I wanted but I couldn’t have you.
    The second dream was of a wish come true, I couldn’t figure it out until it happened. That day-my wish happened- you became my friend. Everyday the glowing inside of me got bigger when you where nearby.
    The third dream was of an obstacle that I had to overcome. I had to hide my feelings for you and at first it didn’t hurt and I lived with it. You never saw through my mask but once in a while the mask would crack
    The fourth dream wasn’t a dream it was a sign, a sign to tell you my secret. I told and you had a hard time getting it to seep in. I think it never got in but maybe it did.
    The fifth dream was of rejection and of pain. I didn’t know why it was a nightmare and I hoped that I wouldn’t make things like that. But I did and I got hurt. The blow from you hurt me more than anything else.
    The sixth, there was no sixth dream and I wanted you to love me. I wanted you to forgive me for everything I did.
    I had just one other dream since then, I was playing and singing to all. I won second and I won you heart as well. You went to me backstage and told me you would give me a chance then you hugged me.
    It was a two part dream the second part was of you and me making the world accept us. They had to deal with it and you and I had gained something, each other.
    Hopefully this dream will become reality as well. I want it to happen with all my heart. If it became true, my hope in the world and humans would be restored and I would be whole again as if there was no whole ever.