• My new art class. I was so excited! The atmosphere was wonderful and smelled of paint. I was so ready to draw and create, I had needed it after that last class. I already knew someone here too, we'll just call her Toyota. Toyota was with me in gym class the year before, she did some bad stuff. I didn't really want to hang out with her, but did for who knows why.

    Anyways, I walked into the art class, happy to be there, and looked for a place to sit. I was drawn to the back left corner of the class. To the left of me was a boy. He seemed interesting. I wanted to know him better. Something was drawing me to know him...

    So I said Hi of course!

    He said Hi back, he looked kind of shy. I said my name was Dia, and he said his was Dax. He seemed nice enough - I thought I had picked up a new friend.
    We kept talking, until the bell rang, Toyota late as usual. And even then, we kept talking. He had a sense of humor that I loved, and his personality was different, much more interesting then anyone else. Something clicked, something sparked that day.
    From then on I always looked forward to art class everyday, not just to work on art, but to talk to Dax.

    Now, 8 months later, we are happily together. And the both of us wish it to go on much longer.