• "Dont, please.," Tears welled in her crystal clear emerald eyes as she spoke to me, "the others can take care of things themselves." I felt so small at that point I could'nt even look her in the face as I spoke, "But what if they cant?" I heard a sob echo from her before the words left, "B-but you promised, promised you would'nt go."
    I walked over to her imploringly reaching my hand out to her, lightly touching her face, "Promises were made to be broken." A warm tear drop rolled down my hand before hitting the ground.

    "Then look at me one last time." I sullenly raised my head and made eye contact with her. "Your still the same as when this all began, still a demon."
    I half smiled, half smirked , "Maybe thats all I ever was meant to be." She smiled back at me before my jet black wings spread out wide as I dived off of the side of the huge skyscrapper.
    At that moment my eyes adjusted and my pupils became a piercing black, my iris a deep gold and my cornea a arctic-blue.
    In one beat of my wings I took of, nearly breaking the sound barrier; My friends needed me and I could'nt let them down.


    " Arch! Theres no were left to run, just come back with us." The man called Arch made a sarcastic looking smile at the speaker, "So I can be sealed up for another fifty years!?!"
    A blast of energy shot the unknown man backwards fifteen feet as the white haired villain began to run on foot away.