• "Forks? You're telling me I’m flying all the way from Brooklyn to, um..." I stumbled for words, my worst habit. I could hear Michael, my bestest friend who's played the role of big brother since I could remember, sigh heavily through the phone as I navigated through the large crowd of early morning fliers as I searched for my gate. "Washington, Roxanne." Michael said. “Oh, right.” I said, embarrassed. You’d think that I had it figured out if I’m flying out to Seattle. “I knew that.” Just then, the PDA speakers emitted three gentle chimes, catching my attention. “Attention all fliers,” the automated female voice said, “Gate 13, flight to Seattle, will be departing in five minutes…” I cursed, “Michael I gotta go, my plane’s leaving in five, ‘kay?”
    “Alright, have a good flight. Love you!”
    “Love you too.”
    I snapped my phone shut as I weaved through the crowd, whacking people in the shins with my luggage. “Roxanne, slow down!” Jamie, my six year old sister, whined, “I’m gonna fall!” she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck.

    We got to the gate just as they were closing the door. I quickened my pace and stretched my arm out as we passed the scanner. The scanner beeped, and I slipped through the partially closed door into the walkway that led to the plane, one of the attendants exclaimed with surprise as I hurried down the walkway. I heaved Jaime over the gap where the walkway ended and onto the deserted airplane, receiving surprised looks from the flight attendants.
    I slowed my pace as I neared the back row where my designated window seat was. One of the flight attendants had already picked up my luggage and stored it in the over head compartment. I thanked her and smiled politely. She returned the smile, and continued down the aisles, checking to see if the compartments were closed securely.
    Exhausted, I dropped my messenger bag on the floor in front of the window seat as Jamie let go and fell into the middle seat with a thump. I collapsed in my seat, buckling my seatbelt and pushing my bag under the seat in front of me. Almost instantly, Jamie and I dozed off and fell asleep, Jamie leaning against my arm.

    Despite the loud roar of the engine, I dreamt. I opened my eyes to see that I was in a school parking lot, standing next to a creamy-white SUV. Hooded teenagers were shuffling about in their cliques; some sprawled across the hoods of their parked cars, talking and laughing with their friends. Every voice that talked seemed so far away, echoing; time seemed to have slowed, for the people around me moved slower than normal.
    Then the bell rang, signaling the beginning of school. Everyone vanished, and I was alone.
    Or I thought I was.
    I looked up towards the gray clouds, letting the cool misted rain fall soothingly onto my face. I closed my eyes, feeling the cold wind brush against my skin. I lifted my arms up, palms facing the sky. I felt so calm, so welcomed. It felt like I was standing there forever. After a while I lowered my arms.
    A pair of small cold hands gently rest on my shoulders with a feather light touch. I heard a voice of a girl behind me, gently singing a familiar tune; her voice was like a gentle stroke of harp chords as she sang, mesmerizing

    “They will only see
    What I could never be
    You’re the only one who sees
    What I could really be
    The dreams that I once had
    You convinced me they were bad
    But I learned not to be sad
    In this place of the mad
    And I’ve had it
    I’ll never forget this
    I’ll only regret this
    Letting you get under
    Neath my skin
    I let you in
    But you’ve always been
    The lightning to my thunder-“
    She stopped, her words echoing about the lot. The wind seemed to have picked up, the mist turned into a pelting shower. I pried my eyes open, but the parking lot was empty. She was behind me again; I felt her rest her head on my shoulder, her mouth inches from my ear, her arms around my waist. In a daze, we finished the song in unison;
    “-You’re pulling me under…”
    She gasped suddenly and started to shudder. Her arms started to tighten around my waist as she began to fall forward, the wind becoming a loud roar. The girl pressed her face against the side of mine as we fell through the asphalt and into a bright light. I clenched my eyes tightly, and flung them open.

    THE SUSPENSE!! AGHH, IT'S KILLING MEE!! *flops onto the floor and dies*
    Hope you liked, um... yeah.