• The village of Eageld or the rain village; where the rain has no end. Day after day it rains and pours on. But the people there don’t mind, they’ve always loved the rain, and always will. It’s in their nature that is why they are known as the rain folk.

    There are other villages similar, but also very different. Like the sun village; Hettari where the sun shines on forever, never faltered by rain or snow, Tarislen; the village of snow where the people are just as cold as the winter it is haunted with, and the village of autumn and spring.

    For centuries the sun village and the village of snow had been in conflict with each other, so wraped up in fighting, scheming, war planning, that they had lost sight of what they were really meant for.

    The world of which they lived in was coming to an end, un able to stop them the village of autumn and spring were forced to act brutally. They disbanded from their brother villages and set out to find peace, and urged the rain village to do the same. Though the rain folk was tired of the conflicts between the two, they didn’t want to leave. Their home land was the only one in the world coated by rain. So they did what was best for them and the other villages, they banished them (the sun and snow villages) to separate parts of the world. The fighting had ceased, and from the moment peace was swept across the land.

    But even then the village of autumn and spring did not return, where they had gone remains a mystery.

    But our story begins here, in the village of rain. In a small shabby, broken down shack, with one small broken window just big enough for a bird to fit threw, and a door halfway of its hinges. And on the hay covered floor a small boy lay sleeping soundly to the soft sound of splashing rain. His name was Soren, and abandoned as a baby, has had no family or friends to take care of him. But he doesn’t mind, he’s been alone for so long that he hasn’t had a happy feeling to compare too.

    The day grew brighter as the morning sun began to rise behind the dark clouds. Soren stirred sleepily waking from the morning light. Had he slept at all last night? He opened his eyes; yes he had slept but very little. He was in the same position as when he went to bed last night so it must have only been half an hour at least. He never got any sleep on the night before today; at least he was doing better this year he had actually slept.

    Soren rolled over onto his back and starred up at the crooked ceiling. He sprawled out and stretched sleepily, letting out a great yawn with his eyes pinched together. He sat up looking around the small broken down shack with an approving nod. He then stood up and went threw the same routine of stretches and yawns. His face was slightly slender and ordinarily hansom, if you could find it underneath all the dirt. He had grayish blue eyes and bright orange hair that stuck up in all directions.

    “Lets see now,” he said to himself absentmindedly running a ruff hand threw his hair, “Last time it had been 11 to 12 years, so that means I am...., he counted it out on his fingers, “13 to 14 years today. Well looks like its time for breakfast!”

    Soren went over to his hey bed, put on his boots and cloak, and then he was off for the village, but he didn’t get very close to the village before something went wrong. The air had suddenly turned frightfully cold and the wind turned crisp. Great white flakes started to fall and the rain was gone.

    The whole village was in a panic; they had never seen these strange white flakes before now and didn’t know what to do. The rain was gone and that’s what scared them the most. Soren however wasn’t scared at all, he couldn’t see what the whole panic was really all about, wouldn’t the rain just come back, it always did when it stopped for a day or two. He didn’t understand why they were so afraid.

    Soren walked down the streets of Eageld, followed by the villagers eyes of burning hatred. But knowing Soren he wouldn’t even notice, he was always drifting off into his own little world, with out a clue of where he’s going, just where he’s been. He had gone down to Stephen’s tavern so many times he goes there automatically. Usually for Soren’s breakfast he would break into the back room and lift a couple of things, but not today, today was special. He had been saving up for his birthday all year, just like every year before so he wouldn’t have to steal. But the villagers didn’t know that, they just thought that he wanted to look innocent once and a while.

    The second Soren stepped into the musty old tavern the world seemed to be put on pause. It had only just been a few hours or so that the flakes had started to fall and already rumors were being passed around. Every ones mouths had stopped dead as each face turned to stare at him. However much Soren had loved silence, this he didn’t, it felt awfully uncomfortable. The tension emanating from each person was like a time bomb on its last second, and each eye mirrored the explosion that was a millisecond away.

    Soren stared back at them curiously with each tentative step. Even as he reached the bar their eyes never left him. He let out a nervous cough and the world pushed play again.

    Soren turned to the counter and waited patiently for Ernie the bar man to serve him. A greasy unkempt rhino, with thick armor, on his hind legs walked over to him, cleaning a mug with a fifthly old rag and looking extremely irritated. Ernie stared him down, eyes burning and his face ridged.

    “Uh, hiya Ernie can I get—“

    “No,” Ernie growled.

    “But you didn’t even let me finish!” Soren protested.

    “And I can’t do that either, you’re not welcome here!”

    “And why is that?!” Soren demanded of him, taking a step backward and folding his arms as if to put an impression
    . This wasn’t like Ernie, he would usually serve anyone who could pay for it.

    “Cus’ after what you’ve done boy I don’t think your gon’na be livin’ in the village of rain any more.” Ernie accused him angrily, and the tension returned as Ernie the rhino grabbed him by the front of his shirt looking murderous

    “I’m not goin’ any where, besides what did I do to you!?” Soren exclaimed stubbornly. Soren wasn’t one to get angry and he wasn’t now, he was just so confused about this whole thing, why were people acting like this? He didn’t understand.

    Then the time bomb had run out, the whole tavern exploded into and angry uproar. Human and animal throwing accusations where ever they pleased,

    “You’re the one who caused all this trouble; this is the day that you came here 13 years ago! It’s your fault that the white flakes are falling and it’s your fault the village is coming to an end!” one villager screamed.

    “Ever since you came it has stopped raining for days at a time!”

    “I say we banish the boy!” another screamed.

    There was a shouting unison of agreement amongst the crowd. Soren was so confused, what did he ever do to them, he never did any of those accusations, why where they blaming him?

    “We will not banish the boy!” Boomed a great voice, all went quiet as every one turned to see the second Elder Mathias, an old tortoise with a great shell head held high and looking important as he stood by the tavern door.

    “You people are in such a panic that you have no other choice but to blame every thing on this young boy?” He asked disappointedly. The villagers had gone quiet and looked ashamed, but Soren could still see their anger burn white hot within their eyes.

    “Indeed this is a dreadful time of need, but it is not a time to panic. Now I suggest that we get to the bottom of this.” Mathias said stretching out his wrinkly old neck even more.

    “And how do you suggest we do that?” someone yelled from within the crowd, and a murmur of agreement broke out.