• Cinder-fella

    Three years ago. (1523) Thirteen years of age.,

    On a cold, gloomy night, in an old run down shack lit only by a fire burning down to its last, few, warm embers, knelt a tear stained boy by his dead mothers body. This boy’s name is Dimitri Sorrel. Next to him in an old chair sat a weary man, also known as his Dad. He face was tear-stained too. They were devastated. Then his father stood, he walked over to Dimitri and said
    “Son I know it’s going to be hard without her, but we’ll be ok.” He now stopped, carefully choosing his wording in fear that he might further more upset his son.
    “I promise you that from now on our lives will be better.”

    I hate to interrupt at this point in time, but I must. I know it sounded like he just said, forget her we don’t need her, but he didn’t. That was a true heartfelt statement. You see, twelve years ago, when she had her son she fell deathly ill and never got better. They used to live in a huge house with tons of things, but they had so many medical bills they had to sell their house and move to the shack they are currently occupying, though it was in a much better condition then. Now I will continue the story.

    Dimitri looked up into his fathers eyes and his father saw nothing but sadness reflected in those eyes. The fire went out and all was dark.

    His dad continued “Son tomorrow I’m going to the town, you will have to come with me, seeing as your not going to stay here alone after this.” All was silent. Then the son said “Dad, tomorrow I want to stay here.” The dad looked at him in astonishment, then forcefully said “Son your coming with me.” Dimitri didn’t say a word, knowing that his father wasn’t joking, and wouldn’t say another word on the subject.

    The next day they woke early with little sleep and had a mini funeral for his mom, then left. It took them three hours to reach the city. When they got there the sun was at its high point in the sky. First his dad went to the building he used to work at, they had gone out of business. No surprise there. Next they went to the town crier office, they set up an interview with the manager for the next day. There was a ray of hope starting to break through the sorrow of his life. For the first time in his life he felt happy.

    The next day when he and his dad were on their way to the meeting there was a large group of people standing around the edges of the street. They went over to see what the commotion was all about. Coming down the street they saw a girl not too far away from his own age, maybe one year older than himself, riding on a palanquin. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever set eyes on. She caught his eye and held the gaze. Being an incredibly shy boy, he turned away. After the crowd disbanded they made their way to the town crier business .

    When they got to the office they sat in the waiting area and waited in silence. A girl in a business suit walked up to them, and asked him “Are you Mr. Sorrel?”

    “Yes” he responded without hesitation.

    “Well then, follow me. Your son has to stay here though.” She replied rudely. Without a word they left. For the next hour he sat there wondering what was happening in the meeting. He was so busy worrying he didn’t even see his dad walk out of the office.

    “How’d it go?” Dimitri muttered excitedly. His father just flashed him a smile. They quietly left the room and went outside. By this time Dimitri was bursting with excitement. He finally couldn’t hold it in any longer. He burst out “Did you get the job?”

    His dad looked up and saw a smile on his sons face. He replied
    “Yes, I did.”
    Dimitri was ecstatic. “How much are you making?” He asked.
    “Fifteen dollars an hour.” he said proudly. You see in the 1500’s fifteen dollars was like fifty in our time.
    “That’s great!! When do you start? How many hours do you work?” Dimitri squealed.
    “I start tomorrow, and work five hours daily, except Sunday.” He responded. Questions like these continued all the way to the rental house.

    This year. (1526) Sixteen years of age.

    Mr. Sorrel was doing very well in the town crier business. By now they had bought a very nice house, and were well out of poverty. Mr. Sorrel was getting lonely and seeking a wife.

    One day when they were walking in town a woman walked up to Mr. Sorrel and asked to have tea with him. He consented. They set the appointment for tomorrow at twelve. When they met they had fun. Mr. Sorrel was enjoying her company. They kept meeting over the course of the next six months. Mr. Sorrel found out that she had two children. The eldest was a girl. Her name was Eloisa, she was eighteen. She also had a younger son named Arthur, he was seventeen. Then Mr. Sorrel finally got up the courage to ask her to marry him. She said yes, for she would’ve been a great fool to have said no. Soon after they got married Mr. Sorrel had to go to a distant town on work orders.

    After Mr. Sorrel left, his wife was no longer pleasing to Dimitri. In fact she was so mean you could compare her to a cobra woken up while hibernating. She made Dimitri do everything. His step siblings were no better. In fact they were worse, they were like an angry mama bear protecting her cubs. They had him work till his fingers bled or he collapsed out of exhaustion. In the latter case they would kick him or yell at him to get up and back to work. If he didn’t obey them they would take him to the cellar and lock him in there for at least a day. When he finally saw freedom he would be ravenous from hunger.

    Three days after his dad left he heard a knock at the door. Seeing as he was the only one around he answered it. It was the queen’s servant. He bowed low and asked “Is this the house of Mr. Sorrel?” “Yes.” Dimitri replied. He handed Dimitri a piece of paper with the queens seal on it. Then the servant abruptly left. The note read:

    Dear Mr. Sorrel and family,
    You are Cordially invited to Princess Rose’s seventeenth birthday party, where one lucky man from the selection will be selected to wed the princess. You are to arrive at six o clock . You will be served dinner and shall dance. The party will take place tomorrow.

    Her Majesty

    As soon as he finished reading it Eloisa ran up to him and snatched it from him. “Ohh, a ball!!!!” she wailed. Immediately her mother was on the scene seeing what the commotion was about when she saw the note she also yelled. Hearing all this excitement Arthur sprinted down stairs to join the celebration.
    Out of know where Dimitri asked “May I come too?” he asked.

    She cackled. “Of course you may, as soon as you get us ready, find something suitable to wear, and do whatever extra we ask.” she replied sarcastically. This was all that was said about that, at least from Dimitri. For the next twelve hours this was all that Eloisa and Arthur talked about.

    At noon the next day the family had Dimitri start to get them ready. He was being called this way and that, it was very tiring. Finally after two hours he was done with that. Now he had to find something to wear. This was very difficult to do because he was always being summoned this way and that. The clock ticked and ticked away, the clock struck five. Then he saw his family walk down the stairs and to the door. He ran to the door and asked his step mom “Please may I come with you?” Her face went as pale as a sheet and she just laughed and left.

    Dimitri was heartbroken. He went to the bottom stair and wept. He sat there for a while. Then he heard his voice being called. “Dimitri, Dimitri!” it called. He looked around and saw nothing. Then it called again “Dimitri, Dimitri!”. Now he was scared. It came from outside, he stepped outside. He looked around and once again saw nothing. Then it called again “Dimitri, Dimitri!”. Then he saw it. It was an owl, but owls can’t talk, can they? He thought to himself. The owl flew to him and said “Why are you sad, Dimitri?”
    Dimitri replied “Because I can’t go to the party to see Princess Rose.” he mumbled.

    “Well I can fix that.” he said and flew to the tree. When he came back he had the most amazing silver pants and shirt, with fine threaded slippers. The owl dropped it in front of Dimitri, and said “Here you go, Get dressed.”.

    Dimitri did so gladly. Then he noticed that there was a mask to go with it to cover most of his face. It all fit. Then he thanked the owl and said “These are very nice but, I have no way to get to the ball.”
    “Well that’s an easy fix too. Just spin around three time saying where you want to go each time and you’ll get there.” he told Dimitri. Dimitri did so.

    Then he heard a pop, he opened his eyes and saw he was at the ball. When he walked into the ballroom everyone stopped and stared at him. The princess caught his eye and held his gaze, he walked up to her and asked her “May I have this dance?”.

    “Of course.” she responded. They danced till the clock struck midnight. Long after his family went home and found that he wasn’t there. The princess asked “What is your name?” Dimitri hesitated.
    “My name is Dimitri Sorrel.”
    “Well Dimitri will you follow me please?” she asked.
    “Certainly.” was all he said.
    She lead him to the king and said “Father I have found the one I wish to marry.” Her father smiled. “You have my blessing.” This was probably the happiest time in Dimitri’s life.

    When he got married his father attended but no step family in sight. Well a few things happened to them, Eloisa, and Arthur were now Dimitri’s servants. And his mom still lived with Mr. Sorrel, but under house arrest. I only have five more words for you:

    They Lived Happily Ever After.