• *~* StarBloom Heaven *~* Chapter 6

    tab Stares, stares, and even MORE stares!! I can't take it god dang it!! I can feel myself sweating at the feeling of being stared at. Whoever eyes are those are really driving me insane again! Geez! I JUST got the feeling of insanity off only to receive it again. Joyous. Bah, guess I deserve it for my past behavior on coldness. I guess sarcasm is going to be the new king in ruling my personality. I don't feel cold hearted anymore…odd. Oh well, at least I'm still sarcastic! Anyways, the sun just got out of the horizon and is shining brightly all over us. I think we've traveled at least two miles. I can't tell, I'm too off in my own land trying to kill the aching feeling of silence. Hah, funny thing actually. All my daydreaming are just blank. Hard to imagine it kills that aching silence feeling when it's just blank silence to begin with! I was looking down slightly, daydreaming. Trying to kill the stare until I heard someone spoke up.
    tab "Dang it! This place is creepy!" It was Prasinus complaining. I looked up and my eyes gave a slight twitch as my mouth drops. I gape at the place. Creepy is the right word. I swear! This area looks like a Easter holiday worshipping grounds!! The leaves on the trees were all bright colored shades, no matter the color. Like pink, yellow, purple, red, etc. No black or brown in here obviously. Easter eggs were everywhere with different patterns all over them. I couldn't tell if they were real or fake. The colors are too bright for me.
    tab "This is the colorful egg land," Atrus said, "and it's pretty obvious why." We all just nodded at that.
    tab "Dang… This place is like Easter heaven…" I said mindlessly while staring at the place. I can feel everybody's heads turn towards me.
    tab "She speaks again!" Prasinus exclaimed with a mock shocked expression on his face. I just narrowed my eyes. There was a good reason for that. Ever since that fight, I didn't say anything that refers to them.
    tab "Anyways, what in Shimmering's land are you talking about?" FireStorm gave me a funny look. I turned to all of them.
    tab "To bluntly put it, Easter is a holiday. It's the resurrection of Jesus Christ."
    tab "Who?" Azure asked me, looking at me with a soft, but confused look.
    tab "Jesus Christ. Our Father in Heaven." I replied.
    tab Everyone just gave me strange looks. I just sighed, hanging my head. Never mind explaining, it won't do any good on them. "Never mind already. It's pointless explaining."
    tab They all just looked at each other, shrugged, and continued walking. I followed behind FireStorm as my head turned to look at the scene. Pretty cheerful land… Don't know why it kind of scares me though. Maybe it's just that I'm so use to the dark I'm blind to the light. FireStorm just stopped all of a sudden. Then the whole group, including myself, stopped.
    tab "Well. This sucks." FireStorm said. I raised my eyebrow and tilted my head a bit to the right.
    tab "What does?" I asked. Wait… Oh no… Please, please, PLEASE! Not THAT! ANYTHING but that!!
    tab "We're lost." Crap. I knew it was too good to be true. This really does suck. FireStorm turned to Illumining. "Do you know where we are Illumining?"
    tab Illumining just shook her head, her mane flowed gracefully as she shook her head. Her hair just sparkled in the sun. Awesome head of hair…erm…mane. "I don't know. I thought you knew where we were going."
    tab FireStorm hung her head shamefully, "No. I'm lost now. I don't know where we're going." She lifted her head and turned her head to Atrus, who was behind us, quickly. "Do you know where we are Atrus?"
    :tab razz LEASE know where we are! I hate getting lost! Then again, who doesn't? But Atrus just shook his head also. Aw crap. He doesn't know where we are either! "No. I thought you knew where you were going."
    tab FireStorm once again hung her head, "Now I don't even know where I'm going." Rubrus and Prasinus somehow tripped backwards on the tree root behind them. I swear I would've snickered if this wasn't such a horrible moment.
    tab "HOW do you lose yourself here?! You LIVE in this world for Shimmering's sake!!" I heard Prasinus yell behind me. FireStorm looked up and glared at Prasinus. She didn't say anything, but that doesn't mean I would.
    tab "Do YOU know where we are then?! Seeing as how you're SO smart that you even know where the hell are we!!" I growled at him, my arms are crossed, glaring at him. Everyone turned to look at me. Prasinus glared back at me.
    tab "No I DON'T know where we are girly." Prasinus spat out at me. I glared even darker at him.
    tab "Bite your tongue jackass. There is nothing 'girly' about me." I said through my teeth. This guy can seriously be annoying.
    tab "Please. Enough fighting. Let's rest here for the night. Then we can search our way again. Maybe then we'll be able to find out where we are." Azure said softly, putting her hands on both of our shoulders. Prasinus and I turned to her then turned back to each other. We pulled back a bit, Azure's hands were still on our shoulders. We(Prasinus and I) gave each other a "this-is-not-over-glare." FireStorm stomped over towards us and lifted her head between Azure's arms to make her let go of my shoulder. Which she did. FireStorm gave her a warning glare to back off from me. Azure just gave her an assuring smile to show that she doesn't mean me any harm.
    tab "Azure's right. We should rest. We've been walking too long. Hikari must be tired by now." Atrus said, nodding his head.
    tab Yeeaahh. I'm pretty tired. So much things have happened that it's killing my brain right now. Illumining nodded in agreement. "That's true. We're all tired. We all should get some rest." That got me thinking. Who's going to put their guard down first? Obviously none of us wants to. I wouldn't be surprised if I see my body mangled up with blood all over me. Heh, but if that happens, I'll just haunt them and scare the living crap out of them until I drive them insane enough to start acting like it. Hehe, entertaining moment right there.
    tab We all found places where we all could sleep. The vampires got the tree and we got the bottom of the tree at the other side of them. I can't even sleep right now! I'm just too stressed to sleep. Good grief, I better not turn nocturnal. I pictured myself as an owl. I shivered at the thought and curled up(literally) in my spot. I tried to sleep, but sadly, as I said earlier, I can't. I took brief glances at the vampires to see each one of them on their own branch. Looking pretty comfortable too. Lucky jackasses. Everyone seemed comfortable but me. FireStorm and Illumining were both curled up around me to make sure nothing happens to me. I swear… These guys are growing on me. Like the family I lost… I mentally slapped myself. No touchy moments!! Now is not the good time to get mood swings!

    tab A good long while, everyone has fallen asleep except me. Both breeds fell asleep at the same time. Well, that's a good thing. I lifted myself up quietly. I tried not to make a sound so that the others would wake up. I carefully tip toed out of the unicorn's protected circle and away from them. I'm sure they wouldn't mind me wandering for a moment. A moment? Meh, okay okay! Maybe for about an hour or so…until I can fall asleep. I headed to behind the tree of where the unicorns slept and just went straight. Hopefully I won't be able to get lost that way. Keyword: HOPEFULLY. I heard my inner self taunt me. I growled quietly, 'Just shut up and stay quiet.'

    *~* Rubrus's Point of view *~*

    tab Hm, pretty noisy. I guess humans don't have sharpen senses like my kind. I wasn't actually asleep. Her scent was driving my hunger crazy. I HATE this feeling with a passion. I hate the feeling to desire something. To me, it's revolting to desire something. Unlike the other vampires. Us vampires normally desire to impress another. Kind of like trying to find a mate for a lifetime. Even the little kids want a mate to love. Until we find love, that everlasting crave is satisfied. Seems pretty useless to me. The only thing that keeps me thinking from it completely being useless is that at least it keeps our breed alive.
    tab 'Where's she going to?' I thought. As soon as soon as she was clear out of view, I quietly crawled down the tree and followed in her direction as quietly and stealthily like a Felingers(Fee-ling-grrs. Note: Are big cats that look like house cats(As big as tigers, lions, leopards,) except they have wings either on their ankles or back, depending though, and they also have giant saber teeth). I quietly smelled the air to find the scent's trail to lead to her. I have NO idea why I'm doing this. I could care less. Or maybe it's just a fact that the unicorns will kill us even more if they found out that Hikari is gone and they think we ate her and disposed of her body well. I followed the trail until I found her about a good 5 minute walk away. She sat on a cliff's edge as she stared at the full moon. Her raven hair flowed gently in the wind with a dazed off look in her face. I don't know how, her face seemed to have glowed in the moonlight. She looked so beau- I mentally slapped myself. Curse you foul thoughts!! I shouldn't be thinking of these useless things! The thing I should be doing right now is to get her back to the camp site as soon as possible. I just watched her intently from the tree I squatted in. I didn't dare to move an inch for fear that I may give my presents away. I started to daze off for no reason too until I heard her let out a deep sigh. I quickly looked in her direction to see her face with a slight sadden expression, but was quickly replaced with her usual blank one.
    tab For about 10 minutes, she just sat there, staring off into nothing. Then she started to get up. I thought this would be the perfect time to reveal myself. I quietly got down from the tree, still hiding myself. My black trench cloak did well for the night's darkness. I shrouded myself with a black mist aura to keep her from noticing me. I landed on the ground with a quiet thud. She whipped around to face me, her eyes wide in surprise.

    *~* Hikari's Point of View *~*

    tab I felt myself getting a bit tired. Probably by the time I get back, I'll be tired enough to fall asleep. As I got up, I heard a light thud behind me about couple big strides away. I quickly turned to brace myself for any predators coming. I slightly gave a sigh of relief to see that it was just Rubrus. Stupid idiot scared me… My face scrunched up into a half glare, "Do you need something?"
    tab He just looked at me with a blank expression like he could care less, "What are you doing here?" It was more like a blank demand than a question. My expression softened a bit to give him blank stare back.
    tab "I could ask you the same thing too." My words matched my expression. This guy is creeping me out. Something about him is just getting on my tension nerves. I flinched a bit when he started to advance on me a bit. I growled and stepped back a couple steps.
    tab "Stay away-aahhh!!" Oh s**t!! I forgot about the cliff!! I started to fall back. One of my arm and legs flew up in panic and looked back down the cliff. Now WHY the hell did I do that?! It's only going to make this fall more worse!! I felt something grab my arm and I whipped my head around to see that it was Rubrus. He tried to pull me back, but my foot slipped off the cliff and I fell back, pulling him along with me. I guess that the sudden down movement threw him off his balance and came falling with me. He wrapped his arms around me in a protective matter and tried to maneuver himself so that I didn't hit some of the rocks going down.
    tab I felt us hit the bottom and roll a bit. Though, the impact has done pretty well on me. I weakly opened my eye to look to see if Rubrus was okay. His face was distorted in pain as his arms were still around me. He had heavy breaths and I could feel some tremors coming from him. I guess being tense, trying to move his body, AND taking the hits for me really got to him. I felt him slowly relax and his face softened into a blank but peaceful expression. My other eye already opened to look at him. 'Oh no…' I thought. My eyes slowly closed as I drifted off to head pounding silence…

    *~* Azure's Point of View *~*

    tab "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY ARE?!?!" I jumped up in surprise. I looked down from my tree to see FireStorm, Illumining, Atrus, and Prasinus fighting. I looked around and my eyes widen, 'Where's Hikari and Rubrus?!'
    tab "I don't know! I just woke up to your stomping!" Atrus tried to calm them down, but his expression seemed pretty mad as well.
    tab "Well EXCUSE me!! How would I know where you guys would dump her body!!" FireStorm snarled back. It looked like it took all of her energy not to tackle Atrus.
    tab "We didn't eat her you dumb twig for a horn horse!" Prasinus hissed back. His fist was in a ball as he glared darkly at the unicorns.
    tab I quickly jumped down and ran towards them and went right between them, facing my family with an extremely worried expression. "Where's Rubrus?! And Hikari too!!"
    tab Atrus looked at me, his angered and concerned face relaxed to a similar worried face, "I don't know. We woke up to find that Rubrus and Hikari is gone."
    tab "And YOU guys ate them!" FireStorm yelled at us. Her irises became a color that somehow resembled a raging fire, instead of her usual yellow eyes.
    tab "We did not!! WHY would we eat our own kind?!" Prasinus yelled back. His eyes turned into a darker emerald green color than his usual dark emerald. If his eyes kept turning darker green, they'd look black.
    tab "Maybe you told him to dispose of the body REAL good so and he hasn't come back yet!" FireStorm kept on yelling. Illumining matched my expression, worry. I'm at least happy that one is calm enough to maybe think out what really happened.
    :tab razz anic started to build up within me. My son… Hikari… What had happened to them…? I could feel tears threatening to fall from my eyes. "Rubrus… Hikari… Where could they be…?" I felt the lump building up in my throat. My right arm went around to hold my waist and my left hand covered my mouth. I squeezed my eyes shut as I thought about them. I felt someone wrapped their arms around me. I opened my eyes and looked up to meet Atrus's eyes. He gave me a soft and assuring smile. He lifted up one of his hands to move the hand that covered my mouth to bring it down as he hugged me tighter and closer, shaking me a bit. I smiled a bit, looking down.
    tab Atrus's chin was on my head, "It'll be alright Azure… We'll find them alive. They must be trying to find their way home now."
    tab I smiled even more. I didn't say anything, but I can tell he knows that I believed him. I loved Atrus. He was such a nice gentlemen to everyone. Even his suppose-to-be enemies, the unicorns.
    tab I heard the unicorns turned in a different direction, "They better be…" I smiled and pulled out of Atrus's hug.
    tab I held his hand and smiled, "Let's go look for them. The sooner we find them, the better." Atrus nodded with the same smile. We all walked together, the unicorns leading and us following behind.
    tab "Tch, stupid unicorns. Always jumping to conclusions." I heard Prasinus grumble to himself quietly. I giggled, 'Just like you, Prasinus. Just like you…'

    *~* Rubrus's Point of View *~*

    tab 'Oww…' Was the first thing I thought as I woke up. Flashbacks of what happened replayed in my head at a quick pace. As the flashback ended, I remembered: 'Hikari!!' I tried to adjust my vision back to normal. Until what seemed like a long time to me(thought it's been only 3 seconds), I looked in front of me to see Hikari lying in my arms, sleeping. I felt pretty stupid at the moment, I should've been able to tell since there was a weight on my arms. I sighed in relief and tried to get up. It was pretty painful just to do so, but I didn't care at the moment. I inspected Hikari's body for any wounds. Her cuts and bruises seemed as big as mine as I took a glance at myself. 'Hallelujah, I'm in a big mess.' I thought sarcastically. And I'm not just in a big mess physically, also in my nerves I'm going to be in a big mess. I'm going to get chewed out from my unicorns and probably even my family. They're going to yak at me about how I wasn't able to take care of Hikari well enough to protect her from danger. This was NOT my fault! She fell off the cliff herself! I'm… actually amazed we lived through that fall… Unless… I looked up to actually find out that, the cliff was just a downhill road filled with solid colorful eggs with a dip at the top edge to make it look like a cliff!! A vein in my head almost popped. 'You mean to tell me that this whole time which I thought we could've died from that cliff fall was JUST a regular downhill fall?!' I looked through the whole slide going downhill. Sheesh! If only she wasn't in the spot where she was, we wouldn't deal any pain at all!! The other side going downhill had NO solid eggs whatsoever! There's just grass!! 'Great… I've suffered pain for no damn reason…' I sighed at the thought. I turned to Hikari. She seemed to be sleeping peacefully, 'At least SOMEONE'S having a good sleep.' She slept on her side, and pretty close to me too. But I didn't care, I guess she needed some kind of heat or something. I had to make sure she came back to the group in good condition. I laid back down, my hands at my sides as I stared up at the sky. Just a big, nice, blue sky with no clouds and the sun isn't around, but somehow, it's bright like a normal day. Morning had came obviously. I flinched and quickly turned my head to face Hikari when I felt her arm go around me. Yep, she just hugged me in her sleep. Great, this is VERY lovely indeed. I tried to pry her hand off my side carefully and gently, but she had a good grip on me! I growled quietly, trying to tug off her arm a bit more hard, but she STILL kept that grip on! I just sighed and gave up after a short while. She's not going to let go of me until she wakes up. I snickered quietly, 'Hope she freaks out about it when she does.'
    tab After a good 10 minutes of resting, I decided that we have to move to somewhere where we can get supplies until we can be found. I got up, despite the pain, and bent down to pick Hikari up. I picked her up bridle style and walked ahead, not knowing where the hell I'm going, but hoping to find a good area where Hikari can get some food. Maybe even water, I don't know, I don't know what these humans require. I just hope we can find a good site before she wakes up and would probably need something…

    tab 'This is just so pathetic and sad…' I sighed and thought. I've been walking for quite some time and I STILL haven't found one good area for resting. What makes thing even MORE pathetic is that I don't even know this place! How long have I lived in this world?! I've lived here for 1,500 years and I STILL don't even know around this creepy place!! I growled in frustration and decided to just keep going. No point in complaining. I just kept walking and walking and walking until I heard a groan in agony, a squeak in surprise, and a horrible pain went up my chin. "OW!!!" I yelled.

    *~* Hikari's Point of View *~*

    tab I felt conscious take over my brain. It hurt a lot. I groaned in agony and opened my eyes slowly, trying to avoid more pain by blood rush. My eye caught a slight glimpse of something black. It felt like leather. Screw the pain!! I opened my eyes and squeaked in surprise. Rubrus?! My fist flew up on reflexes and I got him on the chin.
    tab "OW!!!" He yelled. He dropped me and rubbed his chin, his eyes squeezed shut in pain as a bruise started to form where I hit.
    tab "OWW!!!" I yelled this time. That idiot! Just dropped me out of nowhere. Well this sucks. My head is throbbing in pain from the blood rush, there's pain almost every part of me, and from Rubrus just dropping me onto my back. Rubrus opened his eyes and glared at me.
    tab "What did you do that for?! Dang it woman! That hurt!" He growled at me. I glared back, I sat up slowly. I lifted my upper body up and leaned on my elbows for support.
    tab "Suck it up you a**! That was a reflex! And I'm sloppy on those kind of hits! That shouldn't have hurt like how you're taking it now!" I growled back at him. We continued to glare at each other.
    tab "Sloppy huh?! Then why does it hurt like a mother fu-" He started to raise his voice, until I cut him off.
    tab "Language!!" "Screw language, damnit!!" Hoo boy, obviously he's pissed. But, I was pretty sure he shouldn't react like that to a reflex punch like that. What's going on? Rubrus takes a deep breath. He looked down at me, his expression remained irritated, but at least it's much more calmer than a minute ago. "We should get going. This isn't a good resting spot."
    tab I nodded and got up a bit more slowly. This time, I looked at myself to see what's with all the pain. Wait… how did I get all of these cuts and bruises? Was it when I fell down the cliff? Maybe… But Rubrus's condition is almost same as me. Wow… He really did take good hits for me… I really should thank him… But not now, he seems a little too irritated to take anything right now. We started to head straight.

    tab Rubrus was in lead, I just followed him quietly. The only noise we can hear right now is the padding of our foot walking on the dirt pathway in the forest. I really didn't feel good right now, I have a searing pain in my head right now. My eyes started to droop and my back slightly hunched over. I stayed quiet about it though. From the edge of my eye vision, I seen Rubrus turn his upper body to look at me. "Are you alright?"
    tab I nodded, I didn't say anything. But my position and expression gave it all away. I heard Rubrus sigh. Then next thing I knew, he stopped and picked me up piggy back style quickly but gently. I flinched in surprise, "I said I was alright!" I can feel my face turning a bit pink from this new experience.
    tab Rubrus just shook his head and just seemed to be carrying me in ease, "We all know that's a giant white lie." I just sighed, my arms were around his neck.
    tab "But you're injured-" I started to say until he cut me off.
    tab "I can deal more pain than you can't obviously. So, just shut up and relax." After a short while of silence, I just let it go. There's no point in arguing right now. I didn't even feel like arguing at the moment, too painful for my head.
    tab "…Fine…" I leaned onto his back. My cheek was pressed onto his back as I felt my eyelids become heavy again. These injuries are really taking a lot of my energy. "And Rubrus…" I started. "I'm sorry…" And with that, I fell back into darkness of sleep.

    *~* Rubrus's Point of View *~*

    tab I'm sorry? For what? This girl is confusing. I decided to ask her later on what she meant by that. I can feel my face start to heat up a bit. I can tell it's because I'm carrying Hikari. But, I should be use to this. Azure had me carry Rosa before. So, I don't see why I should react any differently to Hikari. Maybe it's just because she looks a bit younger than me by a couple thousand years. I dared not to think about the worst. 'Do I actually li-' I started to think. Until the sound of running water caught my ears. I lifted my head up quickly and stared off North West. 'A stream!' I thought in relief. I ran quickly to the stream, which was about a good 10 feet away, and placed Hikari on the soft grass near, but not too close, the river water. I washed my hands a bit from any grime and started to clean off Hikari's wounds before they become infected. She flinched as I touched the wounds, 'Maybe they're a bit too sensitive still…' I thought as I tried to clean a bit more gentler. After cleaning off her wounds, I placed her in a comfortable spot in the grass. Then I sat down near the river and leaned against it. I sighed, 'We need to get back soon… This is becoming too awkward for me…'

    *~* Hikari's Point of View *~*

    tab The sweet warmth and cold substance on my body felt good for my unconscious and aching body. I slowly woke up to see the blue sky. I felt the warmth of the sunrays, but no sun. As always.
    tab "Finally, you're awake." I heard a voice say. My brain's still in a bit of a jumble. So I turned my body a bit to look at who was it. It was Rubrus. He turned his head to look at me, his arms were crossed and had a blank expression on his face. "You slept for at least an hour or five."
    I tried to get up a bit. I winced in pain. I looked down to see the wounds all over me and sighed. I can feel Rubrus's blank stare drilling into the crown of my head. He just sighed, "Do you need help?" I looked up at him, then looked down in defeat and muttered a small 'yeah.' He sighed, came over to me and managed to pick me up without much pain and carry me piggy back. He had a small smug smirk on his face which I felt. I glared at the back of his head, "Weak human."
    tab "Pretty boy." I growled in distaste at this whole situation. I can feel him frown which I smirked at. Serves him right, that b*****d.
    tab "Idiot." He muttered under his breath. I clenched my teeth and I swore I felt my eye twitch, "Heard that." I growled. "Good." He replied deadpanned.
    tab "Tomato stained idiot." I referred to his hair since his hair had dark crimson streak. I took a mental note of pulling out one of his hair strands to annoy him and ask if they were real or not.
    tab "Don't know what the hell that is strange one." He definitely had an irritated expression now. It was my turn to frown and narrow my eyes at the 'strange one' insult.
    tab "Look who's talking. You've got hair streaks that looks like a good, dark, ripe tomato stained it, you're a vampire, and you're carrying someone you probably despise as hell… Or just find me as a tasty dinner." I cringed at that last thought.
    tab "My hair color is real. From roots 'til the end of the strands. So what if I'm a vampire. And I have to. Don't want those beasts of animal getting on my back trying to kill my family and I because I left you to die." He replied smoothly. I glared at the back of his head. I would've kicked him on the side like how you would ride a horse, but, I practically have no energy and I'd have more pain in my leg from it. I scoffed.
    tab "Whatever…" I just muttered. Dang it all… I just fell asleep… Now I want to go back to sleep. I felt my head lean forward, resting it against his back, which I felt him tense up and relaxed. I sighed and fell asleep again.