• They could have at least given us a pallet.
    …No, I’m not whining. I just mean...Well, they arrested a lot of people. Surely they want to keep us alive until the hangings?
    They aren’t going to manage it in here. This place is a deathtrap. Blood on the hay, dust everywhere, and we have to crap in a bucket. How can they expect people to live like this?
    Stop laughing. You may be used to filth like this, but some of us have more refined senses. What’re you in here for, anyway?
    Begging? Are you serious? You can’t be serious. They’re arresting people for that now?
    Well. My arrest makes a little more sense now, I suppose.
    What? Oh, it wasn’t anything drastic. I’m…Well, I was the castle’s blacksmith. And goldsmith for that matter. I was told to consider myself at the disposal of any of the nobles. Inconsiderate, really. How is one to live a decent life without a commission? I don’t intend to live like some be…Oh. Right. Sorry. Just a figure of speech, you understand.
    Stop looking at me like that. Its not my damned fault you’re here. You're the one who decided to fleece your betters for a living. Hmm? Fine. No need to be snippy about it. Where was I…Ah. Yes. So, I started asking for a bit more materials than I needed. Not too much, I’m no crook. Just a little to set by, just in case.
    I told you to stop looking at me like that. It wasn’t like they’d miss it. A ruby or two, maybe a bit of gold, is that too much to ask? If the b*****d hadn’t gone and died on us, I’d probably still be doing it.
    Of course I’m talking about the king, you dumb son of a b***h. Who else would I be referring to? He wasn’t the best ruler, but he was still better than the “interim” council, up on their pedestal. Its easy to be moral when you’ve got enough gold to forge a suit from it and go walking down the streets.
    ...Alright, look. I don't care what your mother taught you, it wasn't that big a deal. A couple bits of pewter here, a gemstone there, they wouldn't even notice.
    I don't care how many family's it'd feed for a month, the important thing is they wouldn't notice!
    Enough about your damned mother already! If she was so high and mighty a woman, what're you doing in here? You're as bad as I am, if not worse! At least I understand basic hygiene.
    You know what? I don’t have to justify myself to you. Go back to counting the stones in the wall, or whatever the hell you were doing.
    I won’t be judged by some alley rat.
    ...I hope they hang you first.