• We all know that life sucks but not to much and that there are some good points in it to, right? Well my life sucks more right now. My head hurts because all my blood is going to it, my whole body aches with stiffness, I cant move and i'm hungry. You see i'm kinda tied up hanging upside down from some rail attached to the ceiling of this werehouse. How'd I get like this you ask? Well I really dont know. First thing i know is that i'm watching T.V in my living room with my father when our front door was kicked in. Like what all other sane people would do i started freaking out and running out the back door. My dad, not being sane at all, grabbed one of my softball bats and fighting back the intruders.
    Last thing I saw before I was outside was my father hitting some guy dressed in all black with the bat before another guy knocking him out. Go dad. When i was outside our five dogs, all boxers, started barking. The back door was kicked out and three other guys with, i bet, illegal guns, all dressed in black like the one who knocked out my father, were in front of me. When the dogs got there eyes set on them they started grawling. One point for them. I started backing up as the tree guys in black walked towards me. I whistled and the dogs attacked. Five points for the dogs to listening me. Yay dogs.One of the guys in black cursed while the another started kicking, and the other one started shooting. While they were at that I was running. Two the last thing I saw before blacking out was a teleophone pole. Minuse two points for me for running into a teleophone.
    Now that i'm hanging upsidedown in a werehouse where god knows where I ask myself the same question over and over. Where the hell am I and why.